If you’ve visited big tourist destinations before, you know how confusing things can get with the numerous destinations, attractions and events. Especially if it’s in a big city like London. With the all in one London attractions discount pass not only will your time in London be stress free, you will also be saving yourself a pretty penny as well. There is so much to see and do in London it’s simply amazing, and everyone will find a place or activity they enjoy in London. Taking into consideration that the all in one London attractions discount pass gives you access to over 60 different attractions and events, you will not be disappointed.


Paying individual entry fees to all these places would cost a lot of money. So with the all in one attractions pass for London, the cash saved here can be put to other good uses while wandering about the magnificent city of London. Prices start at £52 for one adult person, and £35 for children. But, if you’re staying for longer than just one day, the prices drastically start dropping. So for one adult an all in one pass for six days would set you back just £116. And it’s almost a guarantee that those six days will be eventful, educational and fun!

Here’s one more neat thing you get with the all in one attractions discount pass for London – fast entry with no waiting in lines to some of the most popular tourist destinations such as the Hampton Court Palace, the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens, the London Bridge, Kensington Palace and Windsor Castle. Essentially you’ll be treated almost like a VIP, and that sounds pretty cool, you’ll have to admit. During summer these locations can be crowded and sometimes it takes time to enter, but only if you don’t have the all in one pass.


On the London pass website there’s a guidebook that’s available to download for free, which will come in very handy to every visitor. Or there’s the more modern and accessible way of getting all the benefits and information via the London Pass app that’s available for Apple and Android devices. It offers static maps, which do not require any kind of internet connection (which means no nasty surprises with roaming fees), detailed descriptions and information on all of London’s attractions, useful information for tourists about currency exchange rates, weather etc.

When you take into consideration their money back guarantee, this is one pass no one can miss out on when visiting London. Passes that have not been used receive a 100% refund and they’re quite flexible in case you need to make last minute changes, so the money you spent on the pass will not go to waste.

Experience London in all its majestic glory and join the millions of other tourists who have been enchanted by this historical city and with everything it has to offer to its visitors.

Make sure to visit www.londonpass.com and order your pass today!


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