Sometimes taking the Tube or the bus simply won’t cut it for someone. The traditional black cabs in London can cost a small fortune even though the experience might be neat, especially for people outside of London who only saw these iconic black taxis in movies. Thanks to LocationCars taxis not only can a person get around the city cheaper compared to a regular cab but that person can also experience a more luxurious, stylish way of getting around.

minicabMainLocationCars is the oldest car hiring company in London and they didn’t survive out of sheer luck. They invest heavily in their vehicles, only hire the most skilled and professional staff, and above all they treat clients with the utmost respect and care. They offer rides in executive cars, minibuses too if needed. The team that drives the company forward is made up of people with years of experience in the field. Companies throughout London use their services and for many of them is makes a lot of sense considering that it’s often cost-effective. Depending on the company and its particular needs every business owner or CEO should do an analysis on whether using this kind of service is efficient. Many have done the math and realized that using LocationCar services they actually save resources and valuable time.

Once upon a time a person needed to get a hold of a phone nearby in order to call a cab. Not to mention finding the right number of the taxi they wish to call. As technology progressed these issues slowly went away. Thanks to the LocationCars app that’s available for iOS “calling” a cab has never been easier. You can also register an account on their website and get further information there. Or you can book a car ride and choose your preferred method of payment.

Their app does more than just allow you to book a minicab. You can also track the location of the vehicle, leave reviews about your experience etc. Many people love using the service and we don’t see a reason why anyone would say anything negative about them.

Their fleet is maintained with the highest attention to detail, safety, and making sure their impact on the environment is kept to a minimum. LocationCar drivers are all trained, CRB checked, friendly and respectful. Also they always wear a tie and shirt. All of their vehicles are fully insured too. They offer minibuses, saloons, executive cars, and people carriers, so they can meet most people’s needs. Whether it’s a six seater you need, or even a sixteen seater, LocationCars can easily accommodate you.

Perhaps there are people who don’t really care about the following but we believe that in the 21st century it’s crucial to think in an environmentally friendly manner. In a congested city such as London air pollution should be taken seriously. So every little bit helps. LocationCars try to minimize their negative impact on the environment in a couple of ways. First of all they have included Toyota Prius cars into their fleet. This ensures that while driving around the city only the electronic motor will be in use. And even the Prius’s petrol engine emits low emissions. If needed LocationCars can provide companies with detailed information on their CO2 emissions. They are also in the process of implementing new ISO14001 standards that would lower their emissions even more.

The software they use also helps them in achieving their goals of being an eco-friendly business. They use the leading cPAQ software that allocates vehicles in a way that’s the most fuel efficient and hence less harmful. This particular software also reduces the need for vehicles to return to their base without a passenger which isn’t just good for the company from and efficiency point of view but also cuts down on time spent in traffic and needless emissions.

Don’t hesitate to check out the company’s website and contacting them with any question you might have. They’ll be more than happy to respond to your questions.