New and undiscovered paths always let us create a vision of seeing life differently!  

As a lot of philosophers say, we human beings are the travellers of time and everyday are discovering new yet exciting places that are a part of our life journey. Human tendency is such that an individual discovers new place wishes to travel back there again and again. The life has beautiful shades and one such shade is of love.

Love is a feeling which is meant for every human being to experience and feel. It is a need in life that is already full of harshness and atrocities. Definition of love varies from person to person. Every person can define love according to his or her experiences in life. Most of the memories are shared and made remembering the places moments between the lovers were shared at.

A significance of the place beholds a deep impression inside the hearts of every lover. There are few of the most endearing places in London that can be a very good choice of visiting and making memories on the Valentine’s Day!

  • Dunstan-in-the-East, Tower Hill– It was basically a church in England that lays half way between London Bridge and The tower of London. At the time of Second World War the Church got destroyed and its ruins are now a public place for the people to visit and spend their time at. A lawn and a garden with trees were planted with a fountain in middle; the place is now decorated with flowers provides it with serene environment all around.

St. Dunstan-in-the-East, Tower Hill

It is one of the peaceful places meant for the couples to relax under the blessings of God Jesus, the couples and their dear ones must spend precious hours of the Valentine’s Day at such tranquillity.

  • Hampstead Heath– It is an ancient park which is quite large covering 320 hectares. This place which is more or like a garden is stretched from Hampstead to Highgate nearby to London Clay. This place has beautiful ponds, embracing hills and woodlands with training tracks.

Hampstead Heath

Couples desire peace and tranquillity the most, while they are together to cherishing moments of love. This garden is a perfect place to be, as it has the most amazing views that are inclined to provide people with the feeling of togetherness. One must embellish the moments spent at such wonderful places as love is a blessing of God that not everyone is able to get a hold of.

  • Royal Observatory, Greenwich– It is an old royal observatory which was specially made in 1675 by King Charles II and the foundation stone was laid on 10th During twentieth century the observatory was not situated in Greenwich. There was a bad effect of world wars on this area as well which later made it more special and it has a beautiful location suiting every individual’s demeanour. The couples love hanging out at this place special on the day of Valentine as it is pone such place that is designed beautifully with flowers to spread happiness.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich

  • Clos Maggiore restaurant, Covent Garden- When it comes to spending time with a lover no such place can be a good example than a restaurant. Basically it is an oasis of peace laying the heart of Convent Garden. The architecture is influenced by the stylish country inns of Provence. The stylish yet unique interiors provide people with warmth and closeness that can be felt at the time of Valentine’s Day.

Clos Maggiore restaurant, Covent Garden

This place has a taste of both garden and a beautiful dining. There is romance in the air and food of it that makes every couple wish visiting often. Couples must plan out their special day at such a delightful place.

  • The Meeting place, St Pancras station– This place is situated at St. Pancras International train station. It is a status of tall bronze man and woman in an embrace of intimacy. It was displayed on 2007 by Paul Day. Generally, Lovers wait and meet under the railway station clock and hope to meet their partners. This sculpture is renowned as a symbol of love.

The meeting place

All those couples who wish to gift their partners in a most exciting and exclusive manner shall spend time under the clock meant for partners to get united and feel affection for. Old is Gold is indeed, proved by the magnificence of this place.

  • Ravenscourt Park In Hammersmith– It is a public park, located in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. This garden has won a Green Flag Award. It was originated in the medieval era. This park even has facilities including tennis courts, a bowling green, a walled garden, a paddling pool for children and a multiple play areas.

Ravenscourt Park In Hammersmith

This is a place that is meant for not only the couples to visit but for the families with children and a person of any age groups can come and relax in the arms of composed garden trees. It is one of the best places to visit at the time of Valentine’s Day and make a day engrossed totally in number of fun activities.

  • South Bank– All those couples who love rides and experience full of excitement should definitely visit this glorious place. This place is meant for entertainment and is a commercial district in Central London. It is situated near the riverbank and comprises of Royal Festival Hall and Hayward Gallery. This is a place that has all the sources required to have an enthralling experience on the day of Valentine’s.

South Bank

A day of love should be celebrated everyday; it should not be specific to February 14th. A person wishes to make his or her partner feels special and happy by gifting vivaciously. It is a day of not only sharing love with each other moreover, to spread love and humanity amongst human beings of all kind. From years, there has been ruckus wars ruining the inner self of human beings, a day of love overcomes negativity and purifies souls.