The history of Athletics World Cup: The Concept of organizing an Athletics World Championships was in discussion well before the first season of this competition which took place in the year 1983. It was in the year 1913 when IAAF took the decision to declare that Olympic Games will be hosted as the World Championships for athletics. This concept was going OK for over 50 years but in the late 1960s, many IAAF members desired to organize their separate World Championships. In the year 1976, a discussion was made in the meeting of IAAF Council.  The meeting was organized in Puerto Rico. Based on the discussion the Athletics World Championships got separated from the Olympic Games and same got legal approval.

For the very first time, IAAF Council approved the inaugural competition to Helsinki.  It took place in the year 1983 and was hosted in the Helsinki Olympic Stadium. With every passing year, the size of the event kept growing. In 1983 the total number of participated athletes1, 300 and they were from 154 countries. In the year 2003 competition, hosted in Paris, the number of participants increased to 1,907 athletes from 203 different countries and coverage were transmitted across 179 different countries. In the meantime, there were many events for women which kept on added year after year which made the size of the event even bigger.

Below is the list of new events which were added in Athletics World Cup in respective years

  • 1987, women’s 10,000 m and 10 km walk
  • 1993, women’s triple jump
  • 1995, women’s 5000 m was included, removing the 3000 m race.
  • 1999, women’s pole vault and hammer were included and the women’s 20 km walkand removed the 10 km walk.
  • 2005, women’s 3000 m steeplechase was included.
  • 2017, women’s 50 km walk was included

Athletics World Cup 2018: In the year 2018, London is all set to host this year new World Cup event. This year the event is featuring eight top nations. The event will be hosted in London Stadium on 14 and 15 July 2018. Britain along with the United States will be competing along with the participants of South Africa, France, Poland, China, Jamaica, and Germany.  Expectations are high that this year the event will manage to attract a large pool of audience.

The format for the inaugural ceremony of World Cup event will be bit interesting and will feature all varieties of field and track events which also includes 1500 meters, having teams which are led by the female captains.

As already mentioned that the event will be of 2 days, so all the field and track events will be completed within this period. Exciting and head-to-head event in Athletics World Cup 2018 will set the true fire in the hearts of the athletics lover this season.

There will be one male and one female athlete representing each nation who will be selected right into the final performance which will be organized in evening sessions using floodlights at the London Stadium. The venue is same as that of 2012 Olympic Games. The total prize money decided for this event is $2 million which will be awarded in two evening sessions.

Chief executive of UK Athletics Mr. Niels de Vos mentioned that he was quite confident about the fact that the event will manage to grab the attention of the sporting lovers and the sports media, even though it is facing a clash with the World Cup final hosted in Russia as well as the Wimbledon finals. Champions from all the eight participating nations will surely make this event as one of the most happening one for the year 2018. We need to wait and watch the final countdown of Athletics World Cup 2018.