Heathrow Airport is the largest one in the UK despite its humble beginnings. In just under a decade it became the fifth busiest airport in the world and it has the most passenger traffic in Europe. Despite its enormous size it isn’t located very far from the center of London as it’s only a 22 kilometer ride from the heart of the city. The airport is also connected via the Tube with the center of town. Heathrow is the most popular one by far as London has a total of three airports. It’s the easiest to get to which means it’s the most efficient too.

heathrow-airportLike any great and massive airport Heathrow offers so much more than just being a terminal where airplanes rule. Heathrow has facilities that smaller towns would be envious of. World class chefs work in some of the restaurants located here, fast food joints have bigger branches here than in bustling cities. Shopping here is an absolute delight too. There are countless shops where one could find anything and everything. Shopaholics could easily lose track of time here and completely lose a sense of location because at times Heathrow doesn’t feel like an airport at all. You could even go for a massage or some aroma the therapy! Afterward you can go for a drink in one of the numerous bars and enjoy a pretty good cocktail. It’s a scientifically proven fact that airport cocktails taste better. Heathrow even has an arcade where 90’s kids can once again experience the joy and excitement these places use to offer.

One Of The Many Shops in Heathrow Airport

So when you take into consideration everything it’s no wonder that Heathrow is such a busy place. In 2014 alone it handled a massive and record breaking 73.4 million passengers. The impact a single airport can have on the economy is astonishing. It’s estimated that 100 thousand jobs are sustained thanks to Heathrow. As things stand now the airport is showing no signs of stagnation rather it’s slowly growing every year. Experts point out that Heathrow will need to build more terminals in order to keep up with commercial and passenger traffic. Depending on how fast this happens we might soon witness London’s Heathrow become the most used airport in the world.

The journey to Heathrow airport is fairly simple however depending on your starting point location it may take a while. Transport is a massive issue in any large city and London is no different. However because of Heathrow’s importance there are plenty of transportation links. They run 24/7 and whenever a flight lands people will have numerous options to choose from on how to get to the city. The services that transport people to the suburban areas or places outside of London are quite limited so make sure to do some research. Coaches come and go every hour and they are by far the most affordable way to get to the center of London. They aren’t very punctual but if you’re not in a hurry they are the best option.

A Tube Terminal At Heathrow Airport
A Tube Terminal At Heathrow Airport

Of course the best and easiest way of getting to Heathrow is by taking a cab. It’s the simplest and most time efficient way but it’s not the cheapest. As a general rule taxi fees are less during the day but it’ll still set you back a pretty penny. We only recommend taking the cab if you can easily afford it or if you are in hurry. Otherwise make sure you leave on time and take the Tube even if it means changing a few trains on the way.