London is well known for a lot of things, its history, culture, fantastic venues and buildings, London cabs and of course the iconic double-decker buses. London Big Bus Tours offer amazing tours of the city, fantastic sightseeing opportunities and much more. A city this big and bustling is host to countless events each year, and London Big Bus Tours try hard to cover all these events and make them accessible to their customers. In 2015 the remaining events include the Royal Parks half Marathon on October 11th, Remembrance Sunday on November 8th, and TBC – Lord Mayor’s Show on November 14th. All of these events will be available to check out with the help of London Tours Big Bus company.

Sightseeing consists of visiting the most famous landmarks of London. The magnificent House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace where Her Majesty resides, Tower Bridge, Downing street. Westminster Abbey is something every tourist should see, as it’s the older religious piece of Romanesque architecture in London. St Paul’s Cathedral is one more magnificent structure that calls London its home.


Big Bus Tours London employ the most experienced and entertaining guides that will surely make the tour not only educational, but fun as well. Getting the right information about any particular landmark or attraction is crucial. Seeing as the guides are very passionate about what they do, bringing London closer to its visitors, they will always be 100% committed to their respected customers.

For non English speakers the tour offers the possibility to listen to commentary in 12 different languages: French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin, German, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Italian and Polish. Headphones are provided to every person on the tour.

One neat thing about the Big Bus tours is the ability to leave the bus and get back on it at any given time, provided you still have a valid ticket. This gives visitors the chance to really experience all the attractions they want on foot and stay there as long as they wish. Once they want to continue, all they need to do it get on the next bus. What this means is that customers are never in a rush, they have full control over their own time and choices as to which landmarks they want to visit and get to know well. Usually itineraries are planned by others, with Big Bus Tours everyone plans their own day. It’s important to note that this is the only tour company that offers hop-on & hop-off rides during the night as well.


Bus tours are no the only thing they offer. They have partnered up with City Cruises to give their customers a cruise on the river Thames. The best part is it’s included into the price of the bus tour, so this is one perk no one should miss out on. There are many ways of seeing London, but cruising on the river will give everyone a perspective that wouldn’t be possible from the air or city traffic.


Prices start from £12.50 for kids, £28 for adults and £73 for families. Night owls who want to see the city during the night will pay considerably less.

For additional information make sure to visit their website


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