Transportation via rickshaws is quite common in certain parts of the worldck, and it has become a popular way of seeing the city of London as well. The London Rickshaws offer an eco friendly and fun approach to touring around this magnificent historical metropolis. Their motto People power is a very appropriate one, and in this day and age it’s more than welcome, especially considering that they offer this service in one of the biggest and most congested cities in the world. They have a whole fleet of rickshaws that are always ready to take on new customers and take them for a ride of a lifetime. Spreading environmental awareness and doing something quirky and productive at the same time is bound to pay off.


Seeing as the London rickshaws are powered by the nothing more than sheer muscle power, they produce zero CO2 emissions and it can’t get any greener than that. London’s traffic and transportation congestion is one of the highest in the world, which in turn produces plenty of carbon emissions in one very tight and localized area. And the rickshaws are determined to make a positive impact on their wonderful city and its environment.

They offer regular rickshaw tours of the top ten rickshaw sightseeing destinations, gourmet food and drink lovers will enjoy tours of the best restaurants and pubs around. For the romantic couples rickshaws are available for special tours during the days and evenings, and many other tours where everyone will find something for themselves.

The bicycle tours this unique company offers is also something worth taking a look at. In a city that’s as large as London people might be slightly overwhelmed. Public transportation is quite slow like in many places and for many tourists that’s just a waste of time. Taxis are overpriced and taking the London tube will not give you the chance to do any sightseeing. But the London rickshaws organize fun bicycle tours of the city. There’s not better way of truly getting a feel for any given place than being on its streets soaking up the energy and cultural it has to offer. On a bright clear day, there’s really no better way of seeing the wonders of London.


Thanks to the companies unique approach to going about their daily business, it’s not uncommon for them to have some fun on the job and dress up in all sorts of different uniforms or outfits that always give standers by a good giggle. Whether it’s Indian themed rickshaws or for other advertisement purposes, as long as they offer a service that’s saving the environment and in the process make the city of London more accessible to its visitors, everyone will support these amazing transportation mavericks.

You can find all the information about their services and tours on their website or contact them instantly via their email and they will gladly answer any questions you might have.


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