London being the old city it is, it’s no wonder that it is home to a few beautiful shops that deal with antique and vintage items. The top 10 antiques and vintage shops in London usually offer an eclectic array of items, from art, clocks, watches, old furniture, collectables, and anything else one could wish for. Owning these antique items in your home or office don’t just make the space look nicer. It’s more than that. It’s about history and adding a certain sense of refinement to these spaces. Antiques are often quite expensive, especially the ones that have significant historical value. Depending on what you like, chances are you will find a bargain somewhere in London. There are plenty of collectors who only buy and sell cheaper items. Antiques don’t necessarily have to be expensive! And who knows, perhaps you’ll be the person to buy an item that turns out to be worth millions. It’s unlikely but there’s always a chance, the antique business has numerous such stories. The best London antique shops are good places to just visit as well and learn new things. Here is our list of the best 10 antiques and vintage shops and markets in London.

  1. Alfie’s Antiques

Alfies Antiques 10Technically speaking, this isn’t a store. It’s a large market where dealers come to sell their cherished antiques. It is the biggest covered market in London that deals with these sorts of items. It’s no wonder that Alfie’s is often visited by designers, set designers, collectors, and etc. There’s so much merchandise that people could spend an entire day at Alfie’s. Victorian charm bracelets anyone? You’ll find plenty here.

Visiting address: 13-25 Church St, London, NW8 8DT

  1. Camden Passage Islington

Camden Passage Islington9On most days this street is quite calm and slow. But on Wednesdays and Saturdays it becomes a bustling antiques market where specialists and dealers set up their stalls. There’s the Georgian Village on one side and there’s The Mall on the other. With the interesting arcades in between them, this is one of the busiest antique London markets. Cheaper items can easily be found near the Georgian Village. Finer items and collectables are more common at the Mall.

Visiting address: Camden Passage, London, N1

  1. Fine Art Society

Fine Art Society8This London establishment has been open ever since 1876, and today they represent one of the best places for buying fine art. As the name suggests, obviously. They mostly specialize in painting and art from the 1800s and 1900s. It’s also situated on the upscale Bond street. Works that the most represented come from the Victorian era. Before they only dealt with art but recently they started dealing old furniture, decorative pieces, and other antique furnishings.

Visiting address: 148 New Bond St, London, W1

  1. Hasmal and Whiteway

Hasmal and Whiteway7This London antique store specializes in British 19th century items. The store itself is always well-stocked, organized. As one would expect, it’s elegant, refined, and very classy. Victorian design is something they sort of specialize in. Gothic revival items are also often on sale. Serious collectors and designers will find plenty of historical and neat items here. Vintage fabric, textiles, and collections are also available here.

Visiting address: 105 Kensington Church St, London, W8 7LN

  1. Raffety and Walwyn

Raffety and Walwyn6On Kensington Church street there’s a great number of antique shops, and the Raffety and Walwyn is arguably one of the best ones. For decades now it has been dealing with some of the most gorgeous antique clocks. All sorts of timepieces are on offer here, from the Victorian era, Regency era, and Georgian era. Some of the grandfather clocks in their store are absolutely splendid.

Visiting address: 79 Kensington Church St, London, W8

  1. Waterhouse and Dodd

Waterhouse and Dodd 5One more store that’s located on Bond street is the Waterhouse and Dodd. Among art dealers this London establishment is very well known, for good reasons as well. Their business focuses on British works of art from the 1850s to the 1940. However there are pieces from international artists too. Clients often browse their always up to date website and buy paintings that way. Fine art lovers will find fabulous and important pieces here.

Visiting address: 47 Albermale Street, London, W1S 4JW

  1. Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market 4In London Portobello is known to be a shopping mega center. When it comes to antiques and vintage items in London, people from around the city flock to the Portobello Road Market to check out and buy interesting items. The market is only set up and held on Saturdays. There are plenty of fashion related items, so hipsters will love browsing all the vintage clothing. Sometimes the market cab be packed with people! Also, be educated about the things you are buying, as with any other market, sellers might not always be telling the whole truth.

Visiting address: Portobello Rd, London, W11

  1. Andrew Nebbett Antiques

Andrew Nebbett Antiques3Specializing in items from 1780 to 1960, this London antique shops has always had unexpected items on offer. It is the quintessential English London antique house. And we wouldn’t want it any other way! People are always welcome to just browse and see on what’s on offer, and there’s no pressure on people to make a purchase. This store mostly specializes in selling industrial furniture from the 20th century. Their clients include designers, A list celebrities.

Visiting address: 35-37 Church St, London, NW8 8ES

  1. The French House

The French House2All thanks to the French House in London, people who like old French furniture don’t need to travel to Paris to find something they like. Everything is on offer here, from artwork, beds, vases, you name and they probably have it. The ornate chandeliers and other crystal bits and pieces they have are superb. One really has to visit this place in order to grasp the importance of this London based antique house.

Visiting address: 41-43 Parsons Green Ln, London, SW6 4HH

  1. Michael Hughes Antiques

Michael Hughes Antiques1This antique shop is located on Fulham road, which is considered to be one of London’s finest places to shop anything antique or vintage. For the crowd who like 18th and 19th century furniture this shop is heaven on Earth. They only deal with quality items and they are all hand selected. It’s also pretty large. Their show rooms spread across three floors. Other smaller ornaments and furnishing items can easily be found here.

Visiting address: 88 Fulham Rd, London, SW3 6HR