Among other kinds of places for eating, the capital city of the United Kingdom also has a great number of the so-called buffet restaurants. And what exactly are the buffet restaurants, you might be asking – they are the places in which the people serve themselves, as the food is placed in some kind of a public area. These buffet restaurants can also be found at many hotels, as this kind of food serving is also popular on various social events. Of course, this can’t really be compared with the eating that you can get at some luxurious restaurants in London – there are no actual “high-class” buffets, as such a thing might be called a contradiction since those people who pay a lot of money for their meals certainly expects to be served, and not to do the serving themselves. The Top 10 Buffet Restaurants In London is a list that brings you ten of the best places with a buffet in the capital, some of them being inside the hotels, some in diners on the streets and on other places. This sort of eating is still pretty unusual in England, so go ahead and try it out for yourself. The Top 10 Buffet Restaurants In London are as follows:

#10 Cantina do Gaúcho

buf 10

One thing is for sure – Cantina do Gaúcho is the best place with Brazilian food in the city. it is located on the Amhurst Park street, number 20, with Stamford Hill as the closest station. The guests give the praise to this place for a few things – the food is great, the staff is friendly and makes everyone feel like being at home, and the atmosphere is cozy and nice. Be sure to visit – there’s not many places with South American food in London.

Visit Address:  Amhurst Park 20, N16 5AA London

#9 Hilton – Tower Bridge

buf 9

One of the London hotels that have a buffet is the Hilton at the Tower Bridge. As you can guess from its name, this particular hotel has a great location – it is close to the Tower Bridge (and therefore to the Thames Bridge), and to the Tate Modern gallery. It is a pretty polished place, and other than its restaurant (led by famous Jamie Oliver), it also has a sophisticated bar that serves some cocktails, and a nice terrace for dining.

Visit Address: Tooley Street, SE1 2BY London

#8 Planet Organic

buf 8

The Planet Organic is located at the Torrington Place, southeast of the Regent’s Park and close to the Goodge Street station. It offers a brilliant selection of all sorts of organic food, some of it being gluten free and some of it for the vegetarians. The principle behind the great success of this place is about providing the customers with a great range of quality organic products that have been ethically grown or produced, without making any impact on our planet.

Visit Address: Torrington Place 22, WC1E 7HJ London

#7 Old Justice

buf 7

Now, this is something special. One of the Top 10 London Buffet Restaurants, the Old Justice is the one of the few Korean pubs in the United Kingdom, located close to the Thames River on the Bermondsey Wall E. It has a very friendly staff that serves the most excellent Korean food, and it also has the buffet option. A great plus is a price – this restaurant/pub is much cheaper than many other restaurants in London and a perfect destination for those who want to try something different.

Visit Address: Berdmonsey Wall E 94, SE16 4TY London

#6 Pullman Hotel St Pancras

buf 6

One of the Accor Hotels, the Pullman hotel is located on the Euston Road, only 15 minutes away from the famous British Museum, with the Euston train station as the closest one. The breakfast area of this hotel has a buffet with a great selection of food, giving the guests a good reason to get out of their rooms in the morning. The hotel also has a hip bar, while the restaurant itself has many European wines and tasty meals.

Visit Address: Euston Road 100, NW1 2AJ London

#5 Conrad – St. James

buf 5

Yet another hotel with a buffet, the Conrad St. James hotel is located just across the St. James station and pretty close to one of the biggest attractions of the city – the Buckingham Palace. The restaurant of this hotel offers only the best meals of the British cuisine, and, as is the case with most hotels, it also has a nice, elegant bar that recreates the style and atmosphere of the pubs. It is definitely worth checking out for some tasty food and drinks.

Visit Address: Broadway 22, SW1H 0BH London

#4 Ai Sushi

buf 4

As you might guess from its name, this is a Japanese restaurant. It is located on the High Road, in North Finchley, and it has probably the best sushi in the entire city. Many customers keep coming back here, as the restaurant combines great food with a lovely atmosphere. The only thing that you might not like is that it’s pretty expensive, but the fresh food that that they serve certainly deserves it. Be sure to try out the spicy chicken Katsu.

Visit Address: High Road 830, N12 9RA London

#3 Jak’s

Photography by Kang L

The next buffet restaurant on our list is Jak’s, located on the King’s Road, and being very close to the Westfield Park. Picking the food over the counter while taking a look at the action that happens in the kitchen definitely beats reading the menu, and that is what makes this place so great. It has some tasty, warm food, as well as some interesting decorations and an attentive atmosphere. The Jak’s is also a good choice for the parties or family gatherings.

Visit Address: King’s Road 533, SW10 0TZ London

#2 Cookbook Café

buf 2

Among the Best Buffet Restaurants in London is also the Cookbook cafe, located at the Hamilton Place, which is between the Hyde Park and the Queen’s Gardens of the Buckingham Palace. The cafe is a part of the Intercontinental Park Lane Hotel, which also has a nice cocktail lounge. The Cookbook Cafe offers some fine meals with seasonal British ingredients, and it was awarded by the Sustainable Restaurant Association. There are many things to try here – fresh eggs, pancakes waffles and other things.

Visit Address: Hamilton Place 1, W1J 7QU London

#1 Tibits

buf 1

The winner of our list is the Tibits, a stylish self-service diner that can be found on the Heddon Street, not far from the Piccadilly Circus. The place is especially great for the vegetarians, as the Tibits offers a great selection of vegetarian food of the superb quality – all that one has to do is to take a plate and helps himself by taking what he would like to eat. The restaurant also serves many non-alcoholic drinks, and the staff is courteous and friendly.

Visit Address: Heddon Street, W1B 4DA London