The whole Hipster movement of the recent years brought an explosion of the coffee culture in the capital city of England – in a city as big as this one, you are bound to find many cafes, but now there are so many of them that one can practically find a cafe in every street. Since it’s hard to choose which ones of these places are worth your visit, we made the Top 10 Cafes In London list, picking only ten from hundreds of cafes that London has. We should mention that this is our choice and that yours might probably be different – after all, it’s really hard to choose just ten of them as so many of them are definitely worth paying a visit to. These cafes offer a wide range of coffees, serving them in every imaginable fashion and allowing the guests to try yet another sort of coffee at each visit to a different cafe (one more thing – the great thing about searching for the best coffee in the capital is that you get to explore new neighborhoods!). And it’s also a great thing to see the interesting decorations that these cafes often have. Top 10 Cafes In London are:

#10 Arlo & Moe

cafe 10This is a very simple yet very interesting place to pay a visit to. It is set in Brockley, very close to the cemetery (but not in the sight of it). The neighborhood around the cafe is easygoing, and drinking a coffee here is very relaxing. The decorations of Arlo & Moe have that certain 1950s style, and the cafe also serves some meals – like the sandwiches, gazpacho, sausage rolls and others. It’s a friendly place and a good choice when it comes to coffee drinking.

Visit Address: Brockley Road 340, SE4 2BT London

#9 Climpson & Sons

cafe 9This particular cafe can be found on the Broadway Market, in Hackney, very close to the London Fields. It is certainly the best cafe in the Broadway Market, with this street yet to get a cafe which could be compared to this one. The coolest thing about Climpson & Sons cafe is that they roast the espresso blends by themselves, while the meals from the breakfast and the lunch menus are made by using the local produce. Be sure to pay a visit.

Visit Address: Broadway Market 67

#8 Freestate Coffee

cafe 8The Freestate Coffee shop is located on the Southampton Row, not far from the Holborn station. The place had a transformation in 2013 and it’s now an independent coffee shop that serves coffee in the beautiful, wood-furnished space. The guests can order all sorts of beverages (like the iced coffee, for example) which are made from the espresso blends of the Union Coffee Roasters. The cafe also serves some light bites – cakes, pastries, quiches, and sarnies. A great place, isn’t it?

Visit Address: Southampton Row 23, London WC1B 5HA

#7 Prufrock Coffee

cafe 7One of the Top 10 London Cafes, the Prufrock Coffee can be found on the Leather Lane, close to Gray’s Inn Gardens. It is a cozy place that serves a quality coffee – they are devoted to artisan coffee, making top-notch beverages that are made by using several methods, like the Chemex filter system. Even though the street at which this cafe is based (Leather Lane) can be pretty empty sometimes, this amazing little cafe makes it a great destination.

Visit Address: Leather Lane 23, EC1N 7TE London

#6 Brill

cafe 6Now, this is something rather interesting. The Brill, located at the Exmouth Market (not far from the London Metropolitan Archives) is a record store that was turned into a coffee shop, allowing the guests to drink and eat in the cool musical ambient. The other great thing about this place is the very friendly staff (led by Mr. Brill), who are chatty and make everyone feel welcome, whether they are locals or not. The guests especially give praise to the cheddar cheese bagel – it’s delicious.

Visit Address: Exmouth Market 27, EC1R 4QL London

#5 The Haberdashery

cafe 5This cafe can be found on the Middle Lane, close to the Priory Park. The Haberdashery is a great combination of a playful tuck shop and a community coffee hub. Guests can both drink and eat here – the cafe brews the best coffee with the dedication of making it faultless, and also serves all kinds of breakfasts, cakes, and sandwiches. Guests can try Italian hot chocolates, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, all of this served in the great interior – it might be the best cafe in the Crouch End.

Visit Address: Middle Lane 22, N8 8PL London

#4 Department of Coffee

cafe 4The Department of Coffe is yet another cafe located on the Leather Lane, situated in a building with some great decorations – the walls have exposed bricks with some contemporary art paintings are hung on it. The staff is very careful and certainly knows what they’re doing – the beans are provided by a number of roasters and then carefully processed in the machines, which are well-tended to. The cafe also serves sandwiches and baked good, making this place a combination of nice atmosphere, and good snacks & drinks.

Visit Address: Leather Lane 14, EC1N 7SU London

#3 Alchemy Coffee

cafe 3Located on Ludgate Broadway, in Blackfriars, the Alchemy Coffee is definitely one of Top 10 Cafes in London. It is a small, artisan cafe that offers a wide range of all sorts of coffees that are made from the locally roasted beans. it has to be said that the approach that the staff of the Alchemy Coffee has to coffee producing is truly remarkable – you will not be disappointed. The coffee can be ordered in three sizes, choosing from four different beans.

Visit Address: Ludgate Broadway 8, EC4V 6DX

#2 Notes café

cafe 2One of the best cafes in the capital, the Notes cafe serves an amazing, fresh coffee, with the addition of all sorts of pies, pastries, and charcuterie. The ambient is great – the room is big and attractive, with refractory-type and small tables, as well as the location of the cafe – it is located on the St Martin’s Lane, close to the Trafalgar Square and the Coliseum. It also has a bookstore and a CD shop, making this place a great destination for coffee lovers.

Visit Address: St Martin’s Lane 31, WC2N 4ER London

#1 The Attendant

cafe 1The winner of our list is – The Attendant! It can be found on the Foley Street, between the Thames and the Regent’s Park and not far from the famous Langham hotel. The coffee that is served here is a high-quality one only, with the beans being supplied by the Caravan Roastery. There is also a small selection of tasty sandwiches and some hot snacks, as well as some decent cakes. If you have time to visit only one cafe in the city – go to this one.

Visit Address: Foley Street 27A, W1W 6DY London