Among all the different international cuisines available in London, one is a favorite – and that is the Chinese cuisine. The Chinese restaurants are probably among the most visited in the city, as they bring the tasty meals of the Far East to the plates of Londoners, who can try the things like the classic roast duck in a Beijing style, or some incredible meals of the spicy Sichuan cuisine – the Chinese food is absolutely great. And one of the best things about it is that you don’t have to go to the Chinatown to experience the wonders of the Chinese cuisine – there is a great number of authentic Chinese eateries everywhere around the city – in East, West, South, and North London. Our Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In London will show you which ten Chinese restaurants we consider to be the best in the city, and you can be certain that you won’t regret going to any of them. They have an unforgettable selection of food, great service, and one also very important thing – that authentic atmosphere that only the Chinese restaurants can have.  So, ready your chopsticks and come with on a journey through Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In London:

#10 Silk Road

chi 10

The first Chinese restaurant on our list is the Silk Road, located on the Camberwell Church Street. This is a rather simple place, featuring some long wooden tables and serving the best meals of the Northern China. At the Silk Road, the guests can try some of the best Xinjiang specialties – like the pieces of lamb that are crusted with chili and grilled, or some dumplings that are filled with vegetables and meat. The room for dining is small, but it has that exotic feel.

Visit Address: Camberwell Church Street 49, SE5 8TR London

#9 HK Diner

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This Chinese restaurant, situated on the Wardour Street (not far from the Piccadilly Circus), serves some of the best street food of Hong Kong. This place is easily missed when going down the Wardour Street, as it looks pretty small from the outside. But once you enter, you will see that the interior was bigger than you expected – and you will be able to try the roast duck, various sauces, and even some seafood – like the squid or the scallops.

Visit Address: Wardour Street 22, W1D 6QQ London

#8 Café TPT

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This place is located on the same street as the previous restaurant on our Top 10 Chinese Restaurants In London – on the Wardour Street. The best thing about the Cafe TPT is a great choice of food that it offers when it comes to eating – the menu is very long and has all sorts of meals available for ordering. There’s the seafood, the famous Chinese roast duck, the stuffed tofu, and it is also a great place for the tea drinking – they have some tasty Taiwanese teas here.

Visit Address: Wardour Street 21, W1D 6PN London

#7 Shikumen

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This particular Chinese restaurant can be found at the Dorsett Hotel, which can be found next to the Shepherds Bush Common Park. The name “Shikumen” comes from the popular architectural style that dates to the 17th century, the combination of east and west – and that is the philosophy behind this restaurant, as they try to re-enact that period. The dining room looks beautiful, and the food is great – there are baked, fried, and the steamed dishes, guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for Eastern food.

Visit Address: Dorsett Hotel, Shepherd’s Bush Green 58, W12 8QE London

#6 Opium

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One thing is certain – you won’t easily forget the incredible atmosphere of this place. There are the Chinese vases, retro armchairs, the burning incense, with the addition of music that plays behind it all and makes the whole scene unforgettable. You can both eat and have some great drinks here, like the Opium cocktail, which is the signature drink of this place. Another great thing about Opium is that it stays open until very late, with food being served all the way until 2:30 AM.

Visit Address: Gerrard Street 16, W1D 6JE London

#5 Hutong

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Hutong is an upscale Chinese restaurant that definitely deserves a place on our Top 10 London Chinese Restaurants, as it has a great atmosphere and a beautiful view of the city – because it is situated in the tallest building of the city – in the Shard. This restaurant offers the meals of the Sichuan and Northern China, served by the professional staff while the prices just might be a bit too high. But this is still a place definitely worth paying a visit to.

Visit Address: St Thomas Street 31, SE1 London

#4 Phoenix Palace

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The Phoenix Palace can be found on the Glentworth Street, southwest of the Regent’s Park and very close to Madame Tussauds London. The dining room is huge and decorated with some pretty lavish decorations while the menu comes with some interesting and tasty meals, like the crispy duck pancakes, the scallops, or the fantastic har gau (that would be the shrimp dumplings). All in all, this is a large, high-class Chinese restaurant and definitely a good choice for a weekend lunch.

Visit Address: Glentworth Street 5, NW1 5PG London

#3 Hakkasan

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Behind this interesting name hides one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city, located at the Hanway Place and serving some modern Cantonese delicacies, with the addition of the signature cocktails. It is a Michelin-starred restaurant, with a pretty stylish interior – there’s the moody lighting and the wooden lattice screens. The meal to try here is the Duke of Berkshire pork, which tastes great, after which the guests can try some cocktails or choose from a list of high-priced wines.

Visit Address: Hanway Place 8, W1T 1HD London

#2 Yauatcha

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Yauatcha is located on the Broadwick Street, in the well-known London district of Soho. It is among the best Chinese restaurants, accessed by the stairs that lead you to a very stylish and beautifully decorated basement, featuring long black tables and some illuminated fish tanks. It has to be said that the place has that certain nightclub vibe, which is not something unusual if you find yourself in Soho. Yauatcha has a load of things to try – carrot morsels, scallops, sweet corn, fish, shrimps, and other fine food.

Visit Address: Broadwick Street 15, W1F 0DL London

#1 Royal China Club

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The winner of our list of Top 10 Chinese restaurants in London is the Royal China Club, located on the famous Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes, anyone?). This particular restaurant is the poshest one of this high-end chain, treating the guests like the royalty by serving them probably the best Far Eastern meals in the city. Be sure to try the rice noodle roll – it comes filled with Dover sole and some pieces of scallop, all of this bathing in a puddle of smoky sauce.

Visit Address: Baker Street 40, W1U 7AJ London