London has everything. Attractions, hotels, restaurants, museums, galleries, camping sites, great parks, bridges, and the list goes on and on. But what about the side of this global city that’s a bit more… naughty? Yes, among other things, the capital city of the United Kingdom also has a great number of erotic shops (or sex shops, as they’re often called), distributed everywhere around London and offering the people who want to spice up their intimate time with the things such as the fetish wear, sex toys, sexy lingerie, or the latex costumes. As expected, the erotic shops in London are some of the best on the continent, even in the world, allowing you to purchase literally whatever you want. This is where ours Top 10 Erotic Shops In London list comes in, as we went on a (pretty challenging, we must say) journey around the city to find the ten best of these erotic spots, taking a look what exactly they offer and for which prices. We found at least one good shop in all of the most famous districts of the city, such as Soho, Shoreditch, or Covent Garden, allowing you an easy access to them. These are the Top 10 Erotic Shops In London:

#10 What Katie Did

sex 10What Katie Did is a very famous lingerie design house, founded 16 years ago by Katie Thomas, who also gave her name to the house. You will find a load of things here, with the shop specializing in lingerie, such as the corsets and hosiery that is designed in various retro styles. There is also a great selection of bullet bras here, as well as the suspender belts and stockings. Some of What Katie Did bras were worn by Rihanna and Madonna.

Visit Address: Portobello Green 26, W10 5TZ London

#9 Prowler Soho

sex 9As the name says, this particular shop can be found in the London district of Soho, on the Brewer Street which is not that far from the Piccadilly Circus. The store itself is the flagship shop of the Prowler, the largest chain of gay lifestyle products in the United Kingdom. This means that you can find a great number of male sex toys here, like the cock rings, anal dongs, jockstraps, and other pieces of erotic equipment. Plus, there are also movies, comics, and magazines.

Visit Address: Brewer Street 5, W1F 0RF London

#8 Honour

sex 8Located in the district of Waterloo, more precisely at the Lower Marsh, the Honour shop offers a wide range of various toys, clothing, and other intimate equipment, with some of these things being really cheap and making Honour a perfect spot for the bargain hunters. The clothing is what Honour specializes in, offering some kinky apparel for both men and women, such as costumes, lingerie, wigs, uniforms, corsets and so on. Along with the reasonable prices, the friendly staff is also a great plus.

Visit Address: Lower Marsh 86, SE1 7AB London

#7 Liberation

sex 7One of the Top 10 London Erotic Shops, the Liberation can be found in Covent Garden, on Shelton Street, where it stands as the flagship shop of the Libidex chain (a great innovator in rubber products). As expected, this shop has a wide range of clothing for both men and women, and finding the right clothes is pretty easy since the staff of Liberation is pretty warm and welcoming. Some of the famous customers would include Lady Gaga and Julian Clary.

Visit Address: Shelton Street 49, WC2H 9HE London

#6 House of Harlot

sex 6This shop can be found at the Brick Lane, and it’s a perfect place for all those interested in the handmade latex clothes for some naughty domination time. Most of the clothes are designed by Robin Archer (and his team), who is well-known around the globe for his design of the rubber apparel. The prices are, as the products are handmade, a bit higher than expected, but the service is very professional and we can almost guarantee that you’ll leave this shop satisfied.

Visit Address: Princelet Street 63, E1 5LP London

#5 Regulation

sex 5You will find the Regulation at the St. Alban’s Place, just north of the Angel tube station. This particular shop specializes in gay and bondage products, bringing the things like the sex toys, clothing, restraints, latex & leather clothing, and the various BDSM accessories. There is also some pretty innovative sex equipment here – be sure to pay a visit if you want something completely new for your bedroom. The staff of the Regulation is well informed, and there is also a 15% discount for the students.

Visit Address: St. Alban’s Place 17A, N1 0NX London

#4 Expectations

sex 4The Expectations shop is located on the Great Easter Street, with the station at the Old Street as the closest one. It was opened some 30 years ago and now stands as one of the biggest gay and fetish lifestyle shops in the city, offering everything you might think of. There is a wide selection of electro-stimulation products, hundreds of adult movies, anal plugs, as well as some kinky rubber clothes. There are even some parties going on here, featuring porn stars and butlers with naked butts.

Visit Address: Great Eastern Street 75, EC2A 3RY London

#3 Agent Provocateur

sex 3This British lingerie retailer was founded back in 1994 and has over 100 stores that are distributed across 13 countries. The store that we’re talking about can be found on the Broadwick Street (close to the Soho Square) where it offers things like knickers, swimwear, bras, and other sexy lingerie for women. There are also the perfumes, heels, and some other products. The best thing about this shop is the staff – they are dressed in their well-known pink uniforms and always ready to help.

Visit Address: Broadwick Street 6, W1F 8HL London

#2 Sh!

sex 2Behind this pretty unique name hides one of the best shops that sells the erotic equipment for women, located on the Hoxton Square, in the north of London (district of Shoreditch). It was opened in 1992 and was, at the time, the first “women only” boutique in the city, made with the intention of providing the ladies a very safe place to search for some intimate items. Along with the clothing, you will also find sex toys, sex manuals, and the erotic novels.

Visit Address: Hoxton Square 57, N1 6PD London

#1 Coco de Mer

sex 1The winner of our Top 10 London’s Erotic Shops list is Coco De Mer, a glamorous erotic emporium that can be found in the area of Covent Garden, on the Monmouth Street. Don’t come here if you’re in a hurry, as there are so many things to see – erotic lingerie, high-quality sex toys, jewelry that’s made from the finest materials, sexual rings, love eggs made from jade, various BDSM products like harnesses and reins, and many other things. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Visit Address: Monmouth Street 23, WC2H 9DD London