In a city that thrives of the countless events that take place here each and every day, London has to offer some pretty spectacular events. The best 10 events in London don’t just attract tourists, they’ve become a regular part of the people’s lives. Whether it’s the Queen’s birthday, the legendary Oxford and Cambridge boat races, the city of London is bustling with fun, interesting, or downright alternative events. It’s exactly what one would expect of a city of this size and importance. If you’re a hipster, a traditionalist, liberal, or conservative, London doesn’t care. It welcomes everyone and each individual will surely find places and events that suit them the best. Small town living has a certain charm to it, but nothing can compare to living in a lively and open city such as London. The London film festival might not be as prestigious as some other ones in Europe, but it most certainly deserves all the attention in the world. Sport fans, whether it’s tennis, football, or rugby fans, will have a blast in the city. Here are our picks for the best ten events in London that happen each and every year.

  1. Trooping the Color

Trooping the Color10In England the Queen is of great importance to everyone, and this is no secret. Most people are very proud of the royal family. Even though the Queen’s birthday is on the 21st of April, officials opted to celebrate this event on a Saturday in June. The weather is nicer and hence more people could enjoy the celebration. This tradition dates back to the 18th century. Queen Elizabeth II has been regularly attending this tremendous event ever since 1955.

  1. Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show9People who are fascinated by flowers and have a soft spot for these colorful and lovely smelling things will find paradise on earth when visiting the Chelsea Flower Show in London. This event first began in 1913 and thankfully it only grew in popularity. Botanical enthusiasts from all over the UK flock to this colorful and fun event to show off their amazing flowers. The Hampton Court Palace Flower show is much larger and it’s closely related to the Royal family, but the Chelsea Flower show makes it up with being more accessible and much more fun if you ask us.

  1. Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

BNY Mellon Oxford v Cambridge University Boat Race 2014Most people wouldn’t associate a boat race with anything exciting or important. However in London the traditional boat race between Oxford and Cambridge University has become something of an iconic event. There are numerous vantage points from where a person could watch the race, including a few riverside pubs. The first race took place in 1829, when two classmates agreed on having a friendly boat race. If they only knew how important it has become today!

  1. Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night 7To mark the anniversary of an attempted assassination of King James I and the attempted blowing up of the House of Parliament in 1605, Londoners set off stunning fireworks all over the city. Thankfully the soldier and his conspirators never achieved their goals, but Bonfire night is a nice way of commemorating this almost tragic event. The London suburb of Blackheath usually has the most awesome fireworks. If you’re willing to travel about fifty miles out of London, make sure to visit the Guy Fawkes Festival at the Royal Gunpowder Mills.

  1. London Film Festival

BFI London Film Festival Awards - 58th BFI London Film FestivalThe London Film Festival is held each year in the second part of October. International movies that have shown potential during the summer make their appearances here as well. All genres are movies are represented, from all countries around the world. Often times the audience has workshops and Q&A sessions with the filmmakers themselves. And you never know when or where you might see your favorite movie star!

  1. London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week5Most people don’t take fashion very seriously and they are very casual about it. For most people clothes are practical pieces of fabric which are used to cover up the body. However fashion lovers and trend-setters have the ability to see what’s hot and trendy during the London Fashion Week. It’s usually held twice a year, once in February and once in September. Every year there are more than 80 fashions shows, with roughly five thousand people visiting this fabulous event.

  1. The Mayor’s Thames Festival

The Mayors Thames Festival4This is one of our personal favorites! The Mayor’s Thames Festival consists of numerous concerts and art performances that take place on the river, or on the banks. The festival area stretches between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge. Movie screenings, nighttime opera performances, fireworks, snacks and food, this festival has it all. Make sure to check out their website for more information on this year’s festival.

  1. Notting Hill Carnival

The Annual Notting Hill Carnival Celebrations Take PlaceWhile it might not be as crazy as the carnival in Rio, London definitely gives it a run for its money. This Caribbean inspired carnival began in the early parts of the 19th century in London. Gorgeous ladies everywhere, participants marching through the streets of the city playing their drums and dancing, all the while the sweet smell of Caribbean cooking spreading through the town. Rum anyone?

  1. Proms

Last night of the PromsThe Promenade Concert in London is a wonderful classical music festival that’s quite unique to the city of London. These concerts take place at the iconic Royal Albert Hall in South Kensington. We can thank Robert Newman, a person who set up concerts as manager of the Queen’s Hall, for this tremendous festival. His idea was to bring classical music to the masses in an affordable and more casual manner. Between July and September the festival hosts more than ninety concerts. A must visit London event!

  1. Wimbledon

Wimbledon1Tennis has always been a very popular sport throughout the world, and it’s thanks to spectacular Grand Slam tournaments like Wimbledon that makes it interesting. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and the first one was held in 1877 at the All England Club, where this competition is still hosted at. Novak Djokovic has won the tournament two times in a row. Martina Navratilova won this legendary tournament six times in a row during the 1980s. Many records have been broken here, and numerous legendary games played. We hope this never changes and it keeps becoming more exciting.