There are many occasions during the year which can give you a chance to buy some flowers to your beloved one – like the birthdays, the Valentine’s Day, the Mother’s Day, and so on. Living in a city has never been an obstacle in acquiring a bouquet of flowers since every city always has the flower shops and the same goes for London. And since the capital city of the United Kingdom has over eight million people living in it, there are bound to be many of these flower shops, making one think to which of these places are actually worth his time and money. Have no worries – the list of the Top 10 Florists in London is here to help you with that, as we traveled around the city in order to find which of these flower shops could be considered the best in London. We chose ten of them, presenting them in a form of this article that you’re reading right now. Be ready for an unforgettable cocktail of colors and scents, with beautiful flowers coming from both the countryside of England and from other parts of Europe, such as the Netherlands. The Top 10 Florists in London are these:

#10 Orchidya Flower Shop

flo 10The first flower shop on our list is the Orchidya, which can be found in the district of Fitzrovia, on the Store Street. This shop is almost completely dedicated to orchids, with most of these beautiful flowers grown in England, more precisely on the thirteen acres of shop’s land in Lincolnshire. The shop allows the customers to order some really rare flowers while the store itself has hundreds of different sorts on the display. It also won numerous awards for its orchids.

Visit Address: Store Street 42, WC1E 7DB London

#9 Dansk Flowers

flo 9This particular shop is located on the Upper Street, which can be found in the London district of Islington. It is an independent store which offers a huge variety of flowers on the display, all the way from the small, carefully arranged bouquets to the grand arrangements containing hundreds of beautiful flowers. The good thing is that the Dansk Flowers not only offers the bouquets but also offers the chance to visitors to buy some of their best potted plants.

Visit Address: Upper Street, N1 2TX London

#8 Vive la Rose

flo 8This high-end florist can be found at the Royal Opera Arcade, which is in the St. James’s district of London. As you can guess from the name, the Vive la Rose specializes in arranging some pretty stunning bouquets of roses that usually go with postcards that have handwritten messages, making this place a perfect destination for those who’d like to surprise their loved ones. It is also possible to have your flowers arranged in various tins, trugs, and, of course, jugs.

Visit Address: Royal Opera Arcade 26, SW1Y 4UY London

#7 Academy of Flowers

flo 7Located in the area of Covent Garden, this establishment is one of the biggest experts when it comes to flowers in London, and one thing that you can certainly expect here is to have your bouquet of flowers arranged with the ultimate precision and some creativity. The lower level of the building has the floral design academy, white the upper brings a nice shop that sells flowers, the ornaments, and the vases. As you can see, this is a true haven for flower lovers.

Visit Address: Slingsby Place 9, WC2E 9AB London

#6 Scarlet & Violet

flo 6The next shop on our list, one of the Top 10 London Florists, is located in the district of Kensal Rise (on the Chamberlayne Road). It is a pretty exquisite place to buy the flowers at, effortlessly taking away your breath since the very moment you come inside. There is a load of these colorful plants everywhere around the place, in milk bottles, buckets, jugs, glass jars, and other pottery. The owner, Victoria Brotherson, is very proud of her store, and she certainly should be.

Visit Address: Chamberlayne Road 76, NW10 3JJ London

#5 Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart

flo 5This flower shop with a pretty unique name can be found in the area of Westbury, where it opened in 1993 and stands as one of the Top 10 Flower Shops In London, known for its unique style of flower arranging. The precise location of this elegant store would be the so-called Turquoise Island, which is located in the middle of the street and has the public toilet on one and this shop on the other side. It has our great recommendation.

Visit Address: Westbourne Grove 222, W11 2RH London

#4 The Flower Station

flo 4The Flower Station is located on the western side of the famous Regent’s Park, at the Rossmore Court. Even though the flowers aren’t exactly cheap at this shop, there are many good things about it – like the fact that it works 24/7, that the flowers are of the highest quality, and that it has a free delivery anywhere in London on the Valentine’s Day. The selection is so great that you will certainly find whatever you might be looking for.

Visit Address: Rossmore Court, NW1 6XU London

#3 McQueens

flo 3Located on the famous Old Street, the McQueens flower shop prepares some of the most gorgeous flower arrangements in all of London, this being done only by the students who study at the floristry school. You will definitely like the interior of the McQueens – there are some very pretty window displays, industrial decorations, as well as the humongous range of flowers to choose from. If you ever find yourself in need of the most glamorous flowers, the McQueens is the place to go.

Visit Address: Old Street 70, EC1V 9AN London

#2 Dawson Flowers

flo 2The next florist would be the Dawson Flowers, an independent shop on Lamb’s Conduit Street (in the district of Bloomsbury) that has a very loyal fan base – and it is no wonder why since it has literally anything that you might need when it comes to these colorful plants. Even just going to their website is enough to amaze you – there is an incredible choice of bouquets that come at various prices, all of them looking beautiful and ready to surprise your friends or family.

Visit Address: Lamb’s Conduit Street 43, WC1 3NG London

#1 Flor Unikon

flo 1The winner of our list, the Flor Unikon, is the Scandinavian-style shop that is situated in Finsbury, on the Amwell Street. This is a perfect spot for buying a nice bouquet of flowers, arranged by the very professional team of florists that come from both the Scandinavia and the Netherlands. They can easily make you a big or a small bouquet very fast, and it can be delivered to your address on the very same day (if you live in London, of course).

Visit Address: Amwell Street 44, EC1E 1XS London