Whether you’re buying a gift for the Christmas or for the Birthday, London is a great place to do the gift shopping, as there are many of these incredible little places around the city. Of course, some of them are also great for the tourists, who are always keen to buy some kind of memorabilia to remind them of the cities they have visited. In order to make our Top 10 Gift Shops In London list, we went on a journey throughout the city to find which ones of these places are the best, offering some unique presents so that you can easily steer away from the usual, generic ideas that are offered by the big chains. Not only do these shops sell a great variety of interesting things, but they also, in most of the cases, have an unforgettable atmosphere that will just make you keep coming back for more. You will be able to buy things like toys, paintings, books, clocks, retro products, teapots, coffee sets, and many, many other things. And the best thing is that you don’t have to go far – London is simply filled with gift stores. The Top 10 Gift Shops In London are these:

#10 Luna & Curious

gift 10The first gift shop on our list is Luna & Curious, located on the Calvert Avenue (north of the station on the Shoreditch High Street). This small store is nestled in a district that’s very rich with history, and walking into this shop is like being transported back to the 1940s. This is one of the best places in London to go if you’re interested in ceramics, with the addition of various clothing for both men and women. There is also some handmade jewelry.

Visit Address: Calvert Avenue 24, E2 7PJ London

#9 Do Shop

gift 9The Do Shop can be found in the famous district of Covent Garden, more precisely in the Shorts Gardens. There are, as expected, many things to see and buy here – like the Alessandro Zambelli kitchenware, cork toast racks, ceramic skulls, and the alphabet bookcases. The shop itself has a minimalistic design and feels very cozy, making you stay inside as long as possible. If you find yourself in Covent Garden, be sure to visit this place (you won’t regret it).

Visit Address: Shorts Garden 34, WC2H 9PX London

#8 Magma

gift 8We’re still in Covent Garden – the next shop on our list of Top 10 London’s Gift Shops is located on the Earlham Street, carrying the name Magma and offering the visitors to buy the things like birthday cards, posters, book ends, photography books, and many other things, all of them distributed across high-rising shelves. There are three Magma stores in London, as well as one in Manchester. The chain was founded in 2000 and is a great choice for buying a nice gift.

Visit Address: Earlham Street 16, WC2H 9LN London

#7 Of Cabbages and Kings

gift 7Located on Stoke Newington High Street, in the district of the same name, this shop has both a very interesting name and a load of many interesting things to see and buy. It was opened in 2012 and sells the things like the jewelry and various souvenirs, but it is much more famous for exhibiting the works of the local artists (illustrators, designer, painters) whose work can be bought for a reasonable price. As you can see, this shop is also a great asset to the community.

Visit Address: Stoke Newington High Street 127, N16 0PH London

#6 Choosing Keeping

gift 6The next shop on our list is situated on the Columbia Road and is called Choosing Keeping. This store offers the visitors a great collection of writing materials, such as crayons, pencils, fountain pens, sharpeners, notebooks, hole punches, all of them originating from USA, Europe, and Japan. But be aware – some of the stuff is pretty expensive, with the sharpeners coming in leather cases and costing £15! The owner, Lady Julia, likes to say that she expects some beautiful stories to be written with her stationery.

Visit Address: Columbia Road 128, E2 7RG London

#5 Hexagone Boutique

gift 5This shop can be found in the Angel district, at the Camden Passage. The Hexagone is a place to go if you’re interested in French lifestyle products, all the way from the clothing to the ceramics. The owner, Kaine Duverneuil and Delphine Reynaud, come from the southern part of France and have managed to find some pretty sleek objects that are pretty hard to find anywhere else besides their shop. Buying a unique gift has never been easier – be sure to pay a visit.

Visit Address: Camden Passage 12B, N1 8ED London

#4 Pitfield London

gift 4We have to say that we were pretty amazed by this place. The Pitfield shop, located on the street of the same name (in the district of Shoreditch), is not only a nice store but also a cafe, providing you to have a break from shopping by having a nice cup of coffee. There is a large range of collectibles and treats here, sure to suit anyone’s taste – textiles, ceramics, soap, furniture, vintage objects, and many more interesting things to take a look at and buy.

Visit Address: Pitfield Street 31, N1 6HB London

#3 Tatty Devine

gift 3Now, this is what you call a place to buy jewelry. Situated in the Covent Garden, on the Monmouth Street, the Tatty Devine was founded by two ladies who met at the college of fine arts and decided to design and sell the finest jewelry, opening their shop to the public back in 2001. One of the best thing here is that the store has a laser cutting machine, allowing the customers to have their name engraved on the necklace that they’re about to buy.

Visit Address: Monmouth Street 44, WC2H 9EP London

#2 Lik + Neon

gift 2This particular store, one of the Top 10 Gift Stores in London, can be found on the Sclater Street, very close to the famous Brick Lane. The Lik + Neon was founded by Janice Taylor in 2002, and it offers a great selection of some really interesting paintings from the ’70s and ’80s, as well as some contemporary works done by the graduates of art schools in London. The store also has a great number of screen prints, magazines, all sorts of jewelry, and even the vinyl records.

Visit Address: Sclater Street 106, E1 6HR London

#1 Jasper Morrison

gift 1The winner of our list is the Jasper Morrison, a shop which can be found on the Kingsland Road in the area of Shoreditch. By clicking on the name of the store (above the image), you will see why did we choose this shop as the number one – the selection of objects to buy here is great, with the things like staplers, rotary trays, alarm clocks, tape measures, vintage telephones, and many other items. The store was opened in 2008 and definitely deserves your time and money.

Visit Address: Kingsland Road 24b, E2 8DA London