In our series of presenting the best restaurants of specific cuisines in the capital city of England, we come to the Indian restaurants. As Indians are the largest of all the non-white ethnic groups in the city, there are bound to be many restaurants that serve the finest meals of this Asian cuisine. And there certainly is a load of them, which might present a problem – with an overwhelming number of these eateries it can be really hard to choose just one to have a taste of Indian cuisine. That’s why we’re here, bringing you the Top 10 Indian Restaurants In London list on which we present you the ten restaurants that are, in our opinion, the best in United Kingdom’s capital. These restaurants on our list are over London – in Belgravia, Shoreditch, Clapham, Camden Town and other districts, allowing you to easily go to one of them if you’re a London resident (or a tourist). The Indian cuisine is unlike any other in the world, focusing on all sorts of vegetables and creating some of the most innovative meals in the world – be sure to try it if you haven’t done so already. The Top 10 Indian Restaurants In London are these:

#10 Dishoom

ind 10

This Indian combination of a restaurant and cafe is located in the district of Shoreditch, on the Boundary Street. It is among the best Indian eateries in the city, since it serves some pretty affordable meals in an interesting interior – there are bentwood chairs and the tiled floors, and you can see that the dining room was once an industrial space. The guests can see the chefs at work while waiting for their meals, and these meals are well spiced and tasty.

Visit Address: Boundary Street 7, E2 7JE London

#9 Babur

ind 9

The Babur restaurant serves some pretty creative meals, like the tamarind-glazed quail or the clove-smoked chops of a lamb. All of the dishes are carefully sourced and only the meat and fish of the highest quailty is cooked, making this restaurant a pretty good destination for those about to try the Indian cuisine for the first time. The visitors can also order wine and beer, while the interior looks modern, decorated with contemporary art. Babur can be found at the Brockley Rise.

Visit Address: Brockley Rise 119, SE23 1JP London

#8 Masala Zone (Camden)

ind 8

One of the restaurants of the Masala Zone chain, this particular eatery is located in Camden Town, northeast of the Regent’s Park. The interior of this place is very interesting and it certainly catches the attention – it is decorated with pop, folk, and the tribal art, with a very relaxed atmosphere. The menu of Masala Zone Camden offers all kinds noodles, curries, grills and other kinds of food, served by the multicultural staff. If you’re from Camden – you know where to go for eating next.

Visit Address: Parkway 25, NW1 7PG London

#7 Zumbura

ind 7

This particular Indian restaurant serves the dishes that originate from the Purab, which is a region in the northern part of India. One of the best things to try here is Ghugni, which would be the black chickpeas that are braised in a sauce that is rich with onions. There are also some interesting desserts, as well as some quality drinks. Zumbara’s interior has a unique atmosphere – there are brass lanterns, various prints on the walls and some ornate tableware.

Visit Address: Old Town 36a, SW4 0LB London

#6 Amaya

ind 6

Amaya is certainly one of the most famous Indian eateries in the city, and it definitely deserves a spot on our Top 10 London’s Indian Restaurants list. It is situated on Motcomb Street, west of the Queen’s Gardens (the Buckingham Palace) and it features the most elegant interior – the dark wood is everywhere, as is the black granite and some terracotta statues. And when it comes to food, Amaya is definitely a good choice. The same goes for the (very professional) staff.

Visit Address: Motcomb Street, SW1X 8JT London

#5 Tayyabs

ind 5

The list such as this one can’t really go without the Tayyabs – this place, located on the Fieldgate Street, is one of the most beloved Indian restaurants in the city. It opened all the way back in 1972, and it is better by the each passing year. The place is very crowded – if you don’t do the booking, you are very likely to be left waiting at least an hour for a free table. The thing to try here is the grilled lamb chops – the best in London.

Visit Address: Fieldgate Street 83, E1 1JU London

#4 Lahore Kebab House

ind 4

The Lahore Kebab House can be found on the Umberston Street, where it serves all sorts of curries, kebabs, and grills. Even though the restaurant doesn’t look particulary luxurious (there aren’t really any decorations), this is definitely a place to go if you’re all about food – this is where you can eat perhaps the best curry in the city, as well as the grilled lamb chops, well-spiced kebabs, fish, chicken, and all sorts of vegetables. The TV in the restaurant shows Bollywood movies, enhancing the atmosphere.

Visit Address: Umberston Street 2, E1 1PY London

#3 Gymkhana

ind 3

The Gymkhana restaurant is located in the district of Mayfair, on the well-known Albemarle Street. The Gymkhana uses seasonal ingredients to make some of the best meals of the contemporary Indian cuisine that you can have in London. The dishes of this restaurant are designed for sharing, which gives a pretty unique atmosphere to the place. And when it comes to drinks, the Gymkhana serves some Indian punches and cocktails, as well as some tonics and gin. The prices are, luckily, pretty reasonable.

Visit Address: Albermarle Street 42, W1S 4JH London

#2 Cinnamon Kitchen

ind 2

This chic, contemporary restaurant is located at the Devonshire Square, east of the Liverpool Street underground station. Coming here can never be a mistake, as there is a load of food to choose from – like the sweet corn soup, which is spiced and creamy (and tastes great when combined with kebabs) or the roasted chicken that comes wit ha crust of fenugreek leaves. The building that houses the Cinnamon Kitchen was once a warehouse, and features some interesting decorations in its walls.

Visit Address: Devonshire Square 9, EC2M 4YL London

#1 Chutney Mary

ind 1

The winner of our list is the Chutney Mary, located in Chelsea where it opened in 1990. It is an upscale Indian restaurant, one of the best in the city, serving the only the best meals of this exotic cuisine. It is a perfect place for any occasion – for the business meetings, for romantic dinners, or family dinners. The food selection is incredible – there are grills, soups, curries, vegetables, various desserts, all sorts of meats and drinks. The Indian cuisine has never been better.

Visit Address: St James’s Street 73, SW1A 1PH London