Whatever kind of lifestyle a person has it’s important to find some time to relax and enjoy life. The best 10 leisure clubs in London offer exactly this, a chance for people to indulge themselves in the activities they enjoy. Whether you have a stressful office job or a field job that requires physical activity, it doesn’t matter. Letting off some steam in the pubs and cafes is fine, but there are more healthy ways to pass time and have fun as well. Leisure time is crucial to an individual’s health and recent studies have shown that the ideal working day should last only six hours while the rest of the day should be time spent with family, having fun, relaxing etc. In short it’s best to spend more time doing leisurely activities. Thankfully there are clubs and centers in London that help people in this regard. If you’re into swimming, extreme sports, any kind of sports, these clubs have it all for the most part. And it’s also important to point out that most people could afford these centers. They are not exclusively made for the handful of rich. Here are our picks for the top London leisure centers.

10. Waterfront Leisure Center

Waterfront Leisure Center No10The Waterfront Leisure Center boasts a fantastic set of activities it offers to people. The gym has over one hundred stations with state of the art cardio machines and resistance equipment. Group exercises are available in two of their fine studios and there are classes suitable for all ages and physical abilities. The center also has a fantastic 25 meter long pool, a leisure pool with a slide and decent indoor squash courts.

Visiting address: Woolwhich High St., London, SE18 6DL

9. The Pavilion

The PavilionNo9The Pavilion’s philosophy is based around the fact that people need to feel good physically in order to lead happy lives. In this particular center they offer numerous activities for members and it’s a guarantee everyone will find something they enjoy. Their walk in leisure pool is perfect for people of all ages and after getting a good exercise swim you can enjoy a good bowling game if you wish to do so. The fitness classes are a perfect way to stay in shape and feel good about yourself.

Visiting address: Kentish Way, Bromley, Kent, London, BR1 3EF

8. Marshall Street Leisure Center

Marshal Street Leisure CenterNo8Located in the heart of London the Marshall Street Leisure center has underwent an eleven million investment which has restored this magnificent building to its former glory. It has also gained a grade II listing. Whether you just want to relax and kick back or if you’re looking to get fit, this place has it all. The vast gym is just one place where you can do it but they also boast a beautiful indoor swimming pool.

Visiting address: 15 Marshall Street, London, W1F 7EL

7. Talacre Community Sports Center

Talacre Community Sports CenterNo7This community center is run by the Camden council and everyone is welcome to enjoy all the benefits this place offers. Don’t let the fact that it’s a council managed venue put you off. Everything is clean, in order, with friendly and helpful staff. They have a neat sports hall and football pitches for both adults and children. The tennis court is also pretty amazing. During the weekdays it’s open to 10pm which is more than enough for a working person to come here after work.

Visiting address: Dalby Street, Kentish Town, NW5 3AF

6. Clapham Leisure Center

Clapham Leisure Center No6The Clapham leisure center is a new addition to London’s leisure clubs and facilities. The gym boasts a staggering 120 stations. It also has an indoor football pitch which is the most popular. However you can also play badminton or basketball if you’re not interested in the footie. The studio for group exercise is definitely nice and they offer 52 classes each weak.

Visiting address: 141 Clapham Manor St., Clapham, Lambeth, London, SW4 6DB

5. Leyton Leisure Center

Leyton Leisure CenterNo5The perfect place to spend some quality family time. Their gym has a total of 90 stations where people can work out and relieve built up stress. However this center also boasts wonderful swimming pool with a flume, an aqua play area for the kids, a pool where kids can learn how to swim (classes included), and much more. Memberships begin at just under 20 pounds per month and we have to say that it’s a bargain!

Visiting address: 763 High Road, Leyton, London, E10 5AB

4. Downham Health & Fitness Center

Downham Health & Fitness CenterNo4While the location might not be as attractive compared to some on this list the Downham Leisure center definitely has much to offer and shouldn’t be ignored. They have a newly refurbished fitness area with more than one hundred pieces of equipment. Kids and toddlers can learn how to swim here in the teaching pool and adults can enjoy some swimming here as well. They have volleyball courts, tennis courts, and a badminton court among others. The best leisure center in the area!

Visiting address: 7-9 Moorside Road, Downham, London, BR1 5EP

3. Barnet Copthall

Barnet CopthallNo3The Barnet Copthall club is all about swimming! It’s no secret that swimming is one of the best ways to exercise and it makes the body super fit! Introducing children to the activity of swimming at an early age is a good way to teach them about being healthy. And if its turns out they have a love and knack for it perhaps they can take part in competitions as well. Since 1980 the club had managed to represent itself in each of the Olympic games. That’s no small feat.

Visiting address: Champions Way, Hendon, London, NW4 1PX

2. The Britannia Center

The Britannia CenterNo2Thanks to its good location the Britannia Leisure center is the perfect spot to enjoy your free time with some healthy and entertaining activities. It boasts a state of the art gym, health suite, numerous sports courts and pitches. Children can learn how to swim here (adults too if needed), and many of their junior programs have the potential to do marvelous things with kids and teenagers.

Visiting address: 40 Hyde Rd, London

1. Tiller Leisure Center

Tiller Leisure Center No1Situated in the heart of the Isle of Dogs the Tiller Leisure center is arguably the best one in the area. It boasts a high end gym with amazing stations and equipment, a wonderful 25 meter swimming pool, a group studio with numerous classes (including yoga), and so much more. Their women only sessions are fairly popular. The area for the kids will have them occupied and happy for hours! It’s a neat place for a kid’s birthday party as well.

Visiting address: Tiller Road, Docklands, London, E14 8PX