As you already know, the camping is a great thing. It is a cheap and green way of having fun that allows the people to get close with England’s scenery, while at the same time socializing with your friends and family, thus having an unforgettable experience. Those who are reading this article and are from London (or just the tourists, likewise) will be pleased to know that they don’t have to go far from the United Kingdom’s capital in order to find a nice camping spot – there is a load of these places in and around the area of Greater London, visited by us in order the make the Top 10 London Caravan And Camping Places list. Most of these spots are very tranquil and will allow one to enjoy the green nature away from the fast life of urban London, with some of them also having the necessary facilities like the toilet blocks or the free showers. The best way to engage in the camping adventure is, of course, the summer, but you can also do this in the spring or especially in the autumn. In our humble opinion, these are the Top 10 London Caravan And Camping Places:

#10 Moat Mount

camp 10

This camping site can be found in the natural setting of the Watling Forest, where it stands as an amazing countryside park spread over 140 acres of land, being only twelve miles away from London. One of the best things here is, of course, the low-cost accommodation, as the Moat Mount campsite offers the dormitory rooms of the highest standard, having comfortable bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, central heating, and the washing machines. There is also a full wheel-chair access to all of the facilities.

Visit Address: Barnet Way, NW7 3AL London

#9 Woodland Camp

camp 9

This particular camp can be found on the edge of the Greater London, within the M25, and it is a perfect location for all those who would like to book the group accommodation while being surrounded by the beautiful countryside (and the Woodland Park is certainly such a place). The guests will be pleased to find that the cabin logs come with bathrooms, showers, and laundries. But the best thing here is, of course, the nature – there are 90 acres of unforgettable scenery to see at the Woodland Camp.

Visit Address: Manor Road, RM4 1NB London

#8 Walton on Thames

camp 8

As you can see from the name, the Walton camping site can be found very close to the small town of Walton on Thames, which is around 15 miles away from the Charing Cross in London. The campsite itself is very spacious and tranquil, having all sorts of facilities that can be used by the guests – like the drinking water taps, the payphone, the storage facilities, the playing areas for children, as well as the areas that are designated for pet walking.

Visit Address: Fieldcommon Lane, KT12 3QG Surrey

#7 Theobalds Park

camp 7

The Theobalds Park can be found in the north of London, in the beautiful county of Hertfordshire. It offers the guests to enjoy the secluded woodland setting while being accommodated on the very modern camping area that has the things like the showers, toilets, pay phones, the Wi-Fi internet access in the Club, and other great things. We particularly liked that there is a nice farmer’s market in the nearby Waltham Abbey, where the camp guests can buy all sorts of food.

Visit Address: Waltham Cross, EN7 5HS Hertfordshire

#6 Debden House

camp 6

Now, this is something special. The Debden House, situated in Loughton (the county of Essex) is a combination of a campsite, a conference center, and an adult education center. What we’re interested in here is the campsite, which is opened every year from May to September and has some pretty nice facilities in it, like the washing and drying machines, toilets, showers, electric points, and there are even the cafe and a shop. The beautiful Epping Forest will certainly leave you in awe.

Visit Address: Loughton, IG10 2NZ Essex

#5 Crystal Palace

camp 5

The Crystal Palace Caravan Club Site can be found next to the Crystal Palace Parade, which is in the south of London, close to the Euro Queens Hotel. It is opened during the entire year and it allows the guests to use the shower block and the Wi-Fi connection, as well as to buy in the on-site shop and to, of course, take the relaxing walks through the park. Be sure to pay a visit to the ruins of the Crystal Palace (it was destroyed in fire in 1936).

Visit Address: Crystal Palace Parade, SE19 1UF London

#4 Chertsey Camping Club

camp 4

This lovely campsite is located on the banks of the Thames River, and it will take you just thirty minutes of a train ride to get here from England’s capital. This is a true oasis in the suburbs – you can even do some fishing if you come here between June and March. And when it comes to facilities, the Chertsey Camping Club has showers, toilets, washing machines, the Internet access, the recreation hall, as well as the playing area for the children.

Visit Address: Bridge Road 65, KT16 8JX Chertsey

#3 Lee Valley – Dobbs Weir

camp 3

Have you heard of the Lee Valley Park? This is the largest of all the London parks, covering a stunning area of over 10,000 acres around the Lee River, and housing many camping and caravan sites. The one that we’re talking about here can be found in Charlton Meadows, between Nazeing and Broxbourne. It is a fine place for a bit of outdoors time, since it has walking routes, fishing spots, and the facilities like the BBQ areas, a cafe, and the children’s play area.

Visit Address: Charlton Meadows, EN11 0AS Hertfordshire

#2 Abbey Wood Club

camp 2

One of the Top 10 London Camping And Caravan Places, the Abbey Wood Club is a great destination for those who’d like to stay a bit close to the center of London, as this place is not far from the London City Airport. It has some really spacious grounds for the tents and good railway connections, allowing you to get to the Central London in 30 minutes. You will also find the laundry facilities, the toilet block, and the Wi-Fi access to the Internet.

Visit Address: Federation Road, SE2 0YW London

#1 Lee Valley Camping Park

camp 1

The ultimate winner of our Top 10 Caravan And Camping Places In London is the Lee Valley Camping Park, situated on the Meridian Way, in the northern part of the city. This camping site has absolutely everything that you might need, including the toilet blocks, the showers (which are, fortunately, free to use), the shop with travel cards, and many other things. It is also very close to some interesting venues, like the gold course, the riding and athletic centers, or the cinema – you won’t get bored here.

Visit Address: Meridian Way, N9 0AR London