The capital of the United Kingdom is full of incredible gardens, some of them huge like the Royal gardens and some of them small, which are tended to by the volunteers. Walking through these green islands in the urban surroundings can be very relaxing and that is why thousands of both Londoners and tourists tend to visit and take a stroll through as many of these gardens as possible. Top 10 London Gardens are among the best in the entire world – English are well-known for their care for green areas, whether they are public or private. One of the things that is definitely among the main causes for London having such beautiful gardens is its infamous rainy weather. With so much rain, you can’t avoid having everything that is green to burst everywhere where possible – which is perfect for both those who like to tend to these beautiful pieces of land and for those you just want to have some tranquility and peace after a long day of hard work. And the tourists, who try to see as much of the city as they can, certainly get tired at one point – and the best thing to do then is to visit one of the Top 10 London Gardens.

#10 Fulham Palace Gardens

garden 10

Fulham Palace was completed in the 1200s and it was, at one time, the residence of the London Bishop. Later, it was the home in the country for the Bishops of London until 1975. There, the visitors can find the walled garden from the 18th century, filled with plants and the rarest shrubs. There is also a huge holm oak, which is said to be at least 500 years old. There is also a museum and an art gallery with paintings about the Palace itself.

Visit Address: Bishop’s Avenue, SW6 6EA London

#9 Charlton House Garden

garden 9

There are several houses in England with the name Charlton house, and the most famous of them is the one in Charlton, London. It was built around 1610 and it is well-known for being the best-preserved Jacobean house in London. There, you can find a walled garden which looks absolutely stunning, and it is dedicated to be a Peace Garden, as a support to the Amnesty International campaign about stopping the violence against women. There is also the oldest Mulberry tree in England, planted by James I.

Visit Address: Charlton Road, SE7 8RE London

#8 Chelsea Physic Garden

garden 8

This particular garden is most certainly among the Top Gardens in London – it was established in 1673 as “Apothecaries Garden” and it is the second oldest among the Britain’s botanical gardens, after the one at the University of Oxford. Inside, the visitors can find the oldest of the English gardens devoted to the alpine plants, as well as the largest olive tree in the whole of Britain which still fruits. There is also the northernmost grapefruit growing outdoors – so many unique things.

Visit Address: Royal Hospital Road 66, SW3 4HS London

#7 Chiswick House Gardens

Chiswick House and Gardens, Chiswick.Chiswick House and Gardens, Chiswick.

Chiswick House is the best remaining example of the so-called Neo-Palladian architecture, built in 1729. The garden which surrounds the house covers 65 acres and it was created by William Kent – the interesting fact would be that this is the first example of the English landscape garden. The designer, Mr. Kent, attempted to recreate the gardens of ancient world (mainly Roman ones), combining them with the poetry of the time – a perfect mixture of beautiful design and history, certainly worth visiting.

Visit Address: Burlington Lane – Chiswick, W4 2RP Greater London

#6 Kyoto Garden

garden 6

Kyoto Garden can be found inside the Holland Park, and it looks like a piece of Japan inside the England – Asian tourists can’t miss paying a visit to this beautiful place. It was opened in 1991 as a gift from the Japanese city of Kyoto, commemorating the friendship between the United Kingdom and Japan. It is carefully designed, trying to recreate the feeling of the tranquil Japanese gardens, and it certainly succeeds in it. There are waterfalls, stone lanterns and even peacocks.

Visit Address: Holland Park Avenue 100, W11 4UA London

#5 The Garden Museum

garden 5

The Garden Museum is based around the St Mary At Lambeth church in Lambeth. The church is deconsecrated and was to be demolished, but in 1976, the Rosemary couple found that the churchyard has the tombs of the two royal gardeners from the 17th century, which inspired them to establish the Museum of Garden History – the first one in the entire world. Visitors can take a look at the large collection of tools, photographs, unique plants and other things related to the history of gardening.

Visit Address: Lambeth Palace Gardens, London

#4 Eltham Palace Gardens

garden 4

Eltham Palace can be found within the Borough of Greenwich in the South East London. It is a royal residence which is unoccupied at the moment. In 1995, the management of this large house was given to the English Heritage which opened the place to the public – the gardens surrounding the palace are stunning, and can even be hired (mainly for weddings). Railways stations are pretty close to this place, allowing the public transportation, and there is also a gift shop and a cafe.

Visit Address: Eltham, Greenwich, SE9 5QE Greater London

#3 Hampton Court Gardens

garden 3

Hampton Court Palace, built in 1515, is a palace which was taken from Cardinal Wolsey by King Henry VIII, who enlarged it. King William III even tried to make it look better than the Versailles, combining the Tudor style of the architecture with the Baroque one. The gardens surrounding the palace are something truly unforgettable, covering the area of 60 acres and definitely being among the Top Gardens in London. The most famous thing here is the Hampton Court Maze – planted at the end of the 17th century.

Visit Address: East Molesey, KT8 9AU Surrey

#2 Buckingham Palace Gardens

garden 2

The list of the London’s Top Gardens can’t go without the one owned by the Queen herself – it is located on the west side of the Buckingham Palace, covering the area of 42 acres and being visited by many Londoners and tourists each year – even though it is opened only during the summer. 8 gardeners tend to this beautiful garden all the year around, and sometimes, even they need help from the part-time workers. Notable trees here are Indian chestnut, swamp cypress and silver maple.

Visit Address: The Queen’s Gardens, SW1A 1AA London

#1 Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew

garden 1

It’s pretty hard to compare anything with Kew Gardens – it is the biggest collection of plants in the entire world! It stretches across 300 acres and taking a stroll through here is anything but boring. Kew Gardens have more than one million visitors each year, and they can take a look at many different plants, buildings, bridges, plant houses, crossings, ponds, galleries and museums – if you have time to visit only one garden during your time in London, choose this one.

Visit Address: Kew, Richmond, TW9 3AB Surrey


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