In the world we live today it’s far too easy not to get enough physical activity during the day. Many jobs require people to sit at a desk or do other tasks which do not give them the necessary exercise the body needs. We’ll be taking a look at the top 10 London gyms and what they have to offer. Stay tuned because we will also be composing a list of luxury gyms soon. Science has gone a long way in recent decades and it’s clearer than ever that people need more exercise. Studies have shown that it doesn’t only make us physically more fit and enduring it also releases chemicals from the brain that help sooth anxiety and depression. Don’t waste any more time and start working out as soon as possible. Even if you’re completely out of shape the smallest steps you take will gradually make you feel healthier and more energized. Getting in shape won’t just give you more confidence when you start noticing your body becoming slimmer or more ripped it’ll also make you feel happier and more satisfied. Physical exercise is the best way to stay healthy. Here’s our list of the best London gyms.

10. Central YMCA

Central YMCANo10The location of this London gym is a big plus, it’s smack in the middle of the city so it’s perfect if you work somewhere close by and want to workout before or after heading into the office. Membership fees are low and very reasonable considering what you get for the money. Keep an eye out for discounts and special offers too. The central YMCA boasts a 25 meter pool, a nicely equipped Pilates studio, a big cardio workout space and resistance training gear. A really good choice for people striving to get into shape.

Visiting address: 112 Great Russel Street, London, WC1B 3NQ

9. Speedflex

SpeedflexNo9If you made the decision the start working out and have the enthusiasm to go for something that’s on the alternative side of things, Speedflex might be the right gym for you. The workouts are intense but the equipment is specially deigned to measure the person’s heart rate and changing the weights or resistance so that everyone can work out at a level that is best for them. They also have physiologists at the gym to evaluate members’ personalities and motivate them as much as possible.

Visiting address: Plought Court, 33-36 Lombard St, London, EC3V 9BQ

8. Aegis Training

Aegis TrainingNo8This spacious gym has some of the best experts and fitness trainers in town. Tightening up your abs and body with their system will definitely show you what you’ve been missing out on and how better you will feel after a certain time. If you stick to their program of the workouts and diet and it doesn’t result in losing weight they will give you your money back. But we recommend you work hard and stick to their advice because money isn’t as important as a person’s health.

Visiting address: 16 Hewett St, London, EC2A 3NN

7. Danceworks

vDanceworksNoDanceworks was first established in 1982 and since then they’ve managed to create a friendly place where people can learn new things, get in shape with Pilates, yoga, martial arts and, of course, dancing. They employ highly motivated and passionate people who always strive to make their members’ goals come true. Today it is considered one of Europe’s top studios considering all the different classes they offer. The facilities are top notch and you you can always drop in whenever you wish just make sure to check their timetables.

Visiting address: 16 Balderton St, London, W1K 6TN

6. Swiss Cottage Leisure Center

Swiss Cottage Leisure CenterNo6Ever since this place reopened in 2006 the Swiss Cottage has become one of London’s top gyms, for bloody good reasons. There are two pools, one for teaching purposes and a main 25 meter pool. There are numerous courts for all kinds of different racket sports. All the equipment inside the gym is state of the art. There are group specific workout sessions such as women only sessions, for people over 50 etc. It’s one of North London’s finest gyms.

Visiting address: Adelaide Road, London, NW3 3NF

5. The Laboratory

The LaboratoryNo5Don’t worry, the people in the gym won’t run illicit tests on you here. It’s called the Laboratory because it use to be one but now this place is home to a fine London gym. It boasts an underground swimming pool and a cardio area with high end equipment that looks out at a soothing almost picturesque sight. If it’s yoga classes you are after they also offer those.

Visiting address: The Avenue, London, N10 2QJ

4. Special Yoga

Tranformational Breathing participants and facilitators @ The Special Yoga Centre , Kensal Rise LondonPeople who have been going yoga for years already know the benefits of it. And without a doubt more people should be getting into yoga. Special Yoga offers regular classes to adult but they also they have a charity with which they provide yoga classed for children with special needs. It’s been proven that yoga has a positive effect on the physiology of the body. The Special Yoga center offers numerous classes including Yin, Hatha and others. Pregnant women will be delighted to hear there are gentle yoga classes for them as well.

Visiting address: Tay Building, 2/A Wrentham Av., London, NW10 3HA

3. Soho Gym

Soho GymNo3If you want to workout and feel cool and trendy at the same time than Soho is the place for you. Don’t dwell on the cool and trendy part, because the exercise is the important part. Accompanying all the things you’d expect to see in a gym like the equipment, cardio area etc. they also have a studio for Pilates, yoga, kick boxing and many other things. Check out their website for more info and the other locations they have in the city.

Visiting address: 193-199 Camden High St, Soho, London, NW1 7BT

2. Reebok Sports Club

Reebok Sports ClubNo2This gym pretty much has it all. Located in East London is boasts a wonderful UV filtered pool that stretches 23 meters, boxing classes, golf, a bar and a restaurant. The facilities are stunning and you’ll find nothing missing from the perfect gym experience. Staying healthy and fit has never been this easy and fun to do.

Visiting address: 16-19 Canada Square, London, E14 5ER

1. Frame

FrameNo1When this center opened in 2009 in an old railway arch the owners wanted to create a gym experience unlike any other in London. There are no membership fees rather you receive a card, much like the Oyster card, and you top it off with credit. All the classes are geared to be fun and entertaining. It’s definitely not a classic gym, so don’t expect equipment where you can do your own thing. Here it’s more about having fun, being distracted while burning off the calories and it’s all done in a very friendly and social manner.

Visiting address: 29 New Inn Road, London, EC2A 3EY