One of the best things about the hotels in London are the bars – the luxurious (and even some middle-priced hotels) have at least one of them, offering great cocktails, hot beverages and all kinds of good drinks. These bars not only offer drinks, but also have a nice feeling to them, featuring great decoration, friendly staff and are always busy and filled with people, becoming yet another attraction of the England’s capital. Great thing about these bars is that one does not always have to be a resident of a certain hotel to enjoy having a drink in them – most of these elegant hotspots are opened to the rest of the people, even though it can be quite difficult to get a table sometimes. The choice of drinks is incredibly large – London bars are even the birthplaces of some classics, like the collins, the white lady or the bramble. Top 10 London Hotel Bars always have these young bartenders who are eager to show their latest discoveries, even though most of the people drink just the classics, like a martini, negroni, and margaritas. Hotel bars dominate the entire cocktail scene. Top 10 London Hotel Bars are:

#10 The Connaught Bar

hbar 10

Connaught Hotel has two bars – there is the livelier Coburg Bar and the smaller Connaught Bar. The whole place has the Art Deco look and looks very glamorous, as are the staffers uniforms – and these staffers offer an incredible individual service to and a precise attention to all the details, treating the customers like the royalty. The expansive menu offers a great number of challenging and complex cocktails, and the bar itself is a winner of many awards.

Visit Address: Connaught, Carlos Pl – W1K 2AL London


hbar 9

Now, this is a lively place! NOLA Bar is, as the name suggests, inspired by New Orleans, and it a stylish cocktail bar which features period fittings, pianists, live bands, and has that certain party vibe. The top selling cocktails here are really good, like the sazerac or the grasshopper. The place is truly different than any other in the capital of England – it has ceiling fans, French cafe tables, and high-backed booths. There is even a cigar terrace in the back.

Visit Address: Rivington Street 68, EC2A 3AY London

#8 Lobby Bar (One Aldwych)

hbar 8

This particular bar is known for the fresh, innovative cocktails in an elegant, contemporary location. The place looks great – there are flower arrangements, beautiful furniture and a paneling made of dark oak – it is a truly relaxing haven from the fast life of the West End. The staff at One Aldwych’s Lobby Bar are very polite and talented when it comes to mixing the drinks, which are really good and the main reason for this place being pretty busy sometimes.

Visit Address: One Aldwych Hotel, Aldwych (1) – WC2B 4BZ London

#7 The Long Bar (Sanderson)

hbar 7

As you can see from the picture, The Long Bar at the Sanderson hotel looks really stylish – it is a mixture of modern design and the sleek white color. The bar got its name because it is one of the longest in London, around 80-feet in the length. There is also a courtyard, made with the Japanese gardens as the inspiration and featuring some streaming fountains and colorful mosaics. This is definitely one of the Top 10 Hotel Bars in London.

Visit Address: The Sanderson Hotel – Berners Street, W1T 3NG London

#6 Blue Bar

hbar 6

This upscale, sophisticated bar can be found at the Berkeley Hotel, which is located in Wilton Place. Guests who come here are able to have a drink in a very posh sitting room, with the dominant blue color of the walls and furniture. The bar is known as a funky spot within the much more old-fashioned place, such as Berkeley Hotel is. The guests can choose among all kinds of cocktails, over 50 different kinds of whiskeys and from a range of champagnes.

Visit Address: The Berkeley, Wilton Place – SW1X 7RL London

#5 Cocktail Lounge at The Zetter Townhouse

hbar 5

This bar has a pretty eccentric design – it is situated in the Zetter Townhouse (which has 13 bedrooms) and features a pretty odd decoration – there is a stuffed kangaroo which is wearing gloves for boxing and a domestic cat wearing a dress. The drinks are charming – there is the Milk Collins, which has some homemade milk syrup added to it, the so-called Perrier Jouet champagne with ivy aromatics and the well-known Somerset Sour, a favorite of many guests.

Visit Address: St John’s Square 49-50, EC1V 4JJ London

#4 The Booking Office Bar

hbar 4

This bar can be found at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, in a room which was once the ticket office. The Booking Office Bar takes the inspiration from the age when the hotel was first opened (1873), with drinks and punches of the Victorian Era. This is not just a bar – there is also a restaurant, which offers breakfast, lunch and the dinner, serving all sorts of food. The bar itself is 30 meters long and surrounded by modern sofas.

Visit Address: St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, Euston Rd, NW1 2AR London

#3 The Artesian

hbar 3

The best thing about this bar is that it was named the best in the entire world by the Drinks International – three years in a row! This sophisticated bar is decorated in the modern oriental style, having the leather-lined space, with some elegant flowers and splashes of color. The cocktail list is one of the best in the city, offering innovative drinks such as Bedroom Escapades or Your Room or Mine. The head bartender won the award of the best international bartender.

Visit Address: The Langham, 1C Portland Pl, W1B 1JA London

#2 Dukes Bar

hbar 2

This bar is situated in the Dukes, a luxury hotel which is located at the St James’s Place. There is Top 10 Hotel Bars of London list without this one – the bar claims to have been the inspiration for James Bond, as the Ian Fleming was one of the regular guests of this stylish bar. The Italian manager of the Dukes Bar, Alessandro Palazzi is a true martini maestro who definitely knows what he’s doing, as his drinks are unforgettable.

Visit Address: Dukes Hotel, St James’s Place (35), SW1A 1NY London

#1 The American Bar (Savoy)

hbar 1

This is probably the most famous bar in all of London. The American bar at the Savoy Hotel, which is located at the Strand takes its guests to another age with the beautiful Art Deco design of the interior, where they can sit and drink fantastic drinks while listening to the jazz pianist, whose job is to play each night. One of the first European bars to serve the American cocktails, this place knows to be really crowded at times.

Visit Address: The Savoy Hotel, Strand – 100, WC2R 0EZ London