As London is one of the most famous cities in the world, it has a great number of attractions which get visited by thousands of tourists every day – palaces, bridges, parks, towers, gardens, galleries and so on. There is no way to see all of these things in a single day, and that is why London has many hotels everywhere around, allowing the tourists (and the businessmen) to stay over the night or few. These hotels range from the low cost to middle-priced and in the end to the luxurious hotels – and London certainly has a lot of the luxurious ones, maybe even the most in Europe (Parisians would probably disagree). Top 10 London Luxurious Hotels list brings ten of them, which we would consider to be the best. All of these places have the intention of making their guests feel like royalty, as they are equipped with all the exquisite things, like pools, fitness centers, jacuzzis, restaurants, cocktail bars, elegant lounges, and, of course, spacious rooms filled with all the necessary things and even some extras. These grand hotels helped the shaping of the image of London and the Top 10 London Luxury Hotels would be:

#10 Brown’s

lux 10

Brown’s is a luxurious hotel which is situated in 11 townhouses which are occupying two streets at Piccadilly. The hotel was founded over 170 years ago and it was the favorite hotel of famous Agatha Christie. It should also be noted that this is the place where Alexander Graham Bell managed to achieve the first telephone call ever. Brown’s was redecorated in 2005 when some modern art was added to the walls. The rooms at the hotel are spacious and stylish.

Visit Address: Albermarle Street 33, Mayfair, W1S 4BP Greater London

#9 The Goring

lux 9

The Goring can be found across the Buckingham Palace – convenient, isn’t it? This luxurious hotel has individually designed rooms, which have elegant furnishings and are decorated in the style of English country houses, and are equipped with en-suite bathrooms, safes, and TVs. The cool thing about The Goring is that it has a huge garden, which is surrounded by borders of flowers and is a perfect place for relaxation. There is also a dining room with crystal chandeliers and a health club.

Visit Address: Beeston Pl, SW1W 0JW London

#8 Mandarin Oriental

lux 8

Mandarin Oriental hotel can be found near the Hyde Park, and it’s only a mile away from the V&A Museum. It is an elegant hotel with the decoration of the traditional English style. The luxurious rooms are equipped with flat-screen TVs, marble bathrooms, and free Wi-FI, and every room has a view of either the city, the courtyard or the park. Mandarin Oriental also has a fitness center, a spa, a fitness center and even a big ballroom.

Visit Address: Knightsbridge 66, SW1X 7LA London

#7 The Connaught

lux 7

The Connaught hotel is located in Westminster, where it opened in 1897. It has the rooms with the Edwardian-style decoration, in which the guests can enjoy a 24-hour room service. Every room has a free Wi-Fi, DVD and CD players, flat-screen TVs and even the music docking stations. Many of the room have a beautiful view of the city. The guests of The Connaught can also enjoy having a dinner at a nice French restaurant, or the can go to the indoor pool or the spa.

Visit Address: Carlos Pl, W1K 2AL London

#6 Claridge’s

lux 6

Claridge’s is one of the most well-known London hotels, as it was opened all the way back in 1856. The hotel is decorated in the art deco style, having two bars, and an elegant restaurant, as well as the health club with a spa. The rooms at Claridge’s have music docks, TVs marble bathrooms, and the free Wi-Fi, with some of the suites equipped with a jacuzzi. Be sure to try the famous afternoon tea in the foyer of the hotel.

Visit Address: Brook Street – W1K 4HR London

#5 The Savoy

lux 5

The Savoy hotel has a pretty interesting location – it is situated on an island between two roads. On the river side, The Savoy features the Edwardian style decoration, while the Strand side has the Art Deco style. The hotel was opened in 1889 and it was the first true luxury hotel in Britain, and it introduced electric lights in the entire building and the constant cold and hot running water. It had some pretty famous guests, like Charlie Chaplin or Bob Dylan.

Visit Address: Strand – WC2R 0EU, London

#4 The Dorchester

lux 4

This particular five-star hotel can be found on the Park Lane street, where it opened in 1931 and features the 1930s ambiance and furnishings – even though it was modernized in the recent times. The Dorchester is famous for its service – it could be even said that they are second to none, with great efficiency and the polite charm. There are 250 rooms at the Dorchester, all having deep bath tubs made of marble and the view of the Hyde Park.

Visit Address: Park Ln 53, W1K 1QA London

#3 The Langham

lux 3

The Langham is certainly one of the Top 10 Luxurious Hotels in London, as it is one of the largest and it’s pretty old – it was opened in 1865. The hotel is located in the Marylebone district, and it has the five-star classification. In 2009, the place had a round of refurbishment which cost over 80 million pounds. The Langham has 380 rooms, with the addition of a business center and 5 function rooms, like the large ballroom.

Visit Address: Langham Hotel (in Marylebone), W1B London

#2 The Lanesborough

lux 2

This 5-star hotel is located on the Hyde Park Corner in Knightsbridge, and it carries the status of the most expensive hotel in the capital of England. One of the Top 10 Luxury London Hotels, The Lanesborough was opened in 1991 and it has a pretty cosmopolitan feel to it, as it overlooks the Hyde Park Corner which is always busy. After it was closed for a year, this hotel is now operated by Oetker Collection and has beautiful rooms.

Visit Address: Hyde Park Corner – SW1X 7TA London

#1 The Ritz

lux 1

The Ritz is one of the most famous hotels in the world. It is a symbol of luxury and of the high society, and it is most certainly one of the most prestigious hotels on the planet. Opened in 1906, the hotel has the interior with the style of the Louis XVI, with the rooms featuring antique furnishings and being equipped with flat-screen TVs and iPod docks, while the suites have grand pianos and even butlers. There is also a high-end restaurant.

Visit Address: Piccadilly 150, W1J 9BR London