Grocery shopping is a universal activity for people all over the world. London is a big city, so naturally, you need more places where you can buy ingredients for your favorite home cooked meals. The Top 10 London Markets don’t only have food for sale. They consist of a huge variety of different items such as clothing, flowers, art and pretty much anything you can imagine. They are scattered all around the city giving you lots of choices if you’re looking for a bargain. Every one of the top 10 London markets is quite unique. The differences vary from the content to the overall look and design of the market. Some of them can be viewed as actual architectural masterpieces, such as the iconic Covent Market. You can truly find anything you need if you find the time to visit any one of these places, and it really is worth your time. From art, clothes and jewelry, to spices, treats and food, the various content of London’s street markets never seems to disappoint. If you are in the mood for an afternoon walk you should definitely take a stroll through one of the top 10 London markets.

1. Alfies Antique Market

Alfies Antique Market, London, Untied KingdomYou should definitely visit this place if you are a dedicated art collector, or even if you simply like to enjoy art. Alfies Antique Market is unique because of its unusual design and “bohemian chic” atmosphere. It has been around for over 30 years and is considered to be the biggest indoor market of its kind in London. This is a place where you won’t regret spending hours browsing through vintage art and colorful knick-knacks, and you will always get surprised by what you find. Its rooftop cafe lets you enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of London, which only adds to the list of reasons why this is one of the top 10 London markets.

Visit Address: 13-25 Church Street, Marylebone, London

2. The London Borough

London’s Borough Market is a food lover’s paradise! You can find everything you need to make your favorite dish, or you can walk around and look for new exotic ingredients if you are someone who likes to experiment in the kitchen. Filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, all different types of meat and exquisite street food, this is a great solution for a hungry stomach. The quality of the food being sold at this market is tested and examined by experts, which only adds to the quality of London’s biggest and oldest food market. This is definitely a place you should visit!

Visit Address: 8 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TL

3. Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane MarketLocated in the heart of East London, the Brick Lane Market is a place of discovery. You can find all sorts of different items on sale. From junk to jewelry, it seems that everything in this market has its place. This addition to the top 10 London markets is open every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. giving you more than enough time to explore all of the rare and unusual items it contains. From clothes and old leather furniture to antique books and rusty cog wheels, the variety of different items in this place is astonishing! All you need is some time and a will for exploration.

Visit Address: 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QR

4. Broadway Market

Broadway MarketThe London Borough of Hackney located in East London is home to the street known as the Broadway Market. This market has been developing since the late 20th century. It is home to products produced by local farmers, fresh and delicious fruit and vegetables as well as other types of extraordinary cuisine. People also visit this particular market because it is home to many artists and craftspeople that put out their work creating a very eye catching and inspiring environment. All in all this part of East London is truly a sight for sore eyes.

Visit Address: 10 Croston Street, London, E8 4PQ

5. Camden Lock Market

Camden Lock MarketIf you are in London and you have some spare time the Camden Lock Market is definitely a place you should visit. It’s part of the Top 10 London Markets for a reason. This market located in the heart of Camden has more than 100 food stands, stalls and overall goodie shops. Located by the Regent’s Canal this place is an arts and crafts heaven! You can browse designer clothes, vintage artworks, paintings, weird furniture and pretty much everything you need to give your home an original and tasteful furnishing. Walk through and support the artists.

Visit Address: Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AF

6. Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower MarketDo you consider yourself a flower child? This is a must see sight for green-thumbed plant lovers. This market has all of the plant friendly material you can think of. You can browse the colorful scenery with enjoyment, even if you don’t plan on buying anything. From flowers, seeds, and trees, to high-quality gardening accessories, you shouldn’t have a problem with finding what you’re looking for. Everything about this market leaves you in a state of tranquility. The smell, the different colors, and the smiling shop owners can really make your day.

Visit Address: Columbia Road, London, E2 7RG

7. Covent Garden

Covent GardenLondon’s Covent Garden is considered to be a great architectural achievement. This is a place where you can shop and bargain while being entertained by lots of different street performers. You can browse lots of man-made crafts such as jewelry, leather clothing, handbags and even handmade soap. This is a spectacular sight because the market functions like a living thing changing its routine and goods each day. You can buy antique furniture on Monday, household goods on Wednesday and artsy items over the weekends.

Visit Address: The Apple Market, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8RF

8. Greenwich Market

Greenwich MarketThe Greenwich Market is one of London’s finest clothes markets. It’s filled with beautiful designer clothing items as well as colorful eye-catching materials. The weekends at the Greenwich Market are the busiest with 150 stands selling clothes, art, accessories and a wide range of delightful gifts. It also includes a big selection of local shops and food stands which give you even more eye-catching items to explore. Strolling through this place and looking for something different is a pleasure and a really nice way to enjoy your day.

Visit Address: Gate House, 1 Farringdon Street, London EC4M 7LG

9. Maltby Street Market

Maltby Street MarketTruly a food lover’s paradise, the Maltby Street Market is located under the Ropewalk railway arches. Offering its visitors a huge selection of tasty treats, from exotic to home cooked meals, this is truly a place worth visiting. Food has always been a necessity, so why shouldn’t we enjoy it to its full extent? If you’re in the mood for some sweet delicious brownies or some spicy hot Indian curry, this market has it all. All you need is to get your taste buds ready and get yourself prepared for a delicious walk through this market.

Visit Address: Maltby Street, Bermondsey, London, SE1 2HQ

10. Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road MarketPart of the magic surrounding the atmosphere of the Portobello Road Market is its history. This place has been a market since the 1800’s and became a famous antique selling spot in the 1950’s. It offers a big selection of items from fresh vegetables, bread, and meat, to arty knick-knacks, clothes, and homemade jewelry. Filled with pubs and different restaurants this place actually seems like a little community. With its beautiful scenery, smiling crowd and generally delightful atmosphere, it is a market that is definitely worth spending an afternoon at.

Visit Address: 72 Tavistock Road, London, W11 1AN