In a city such as London there is a variety of choices for people who are night owls and enjoy good music, food and drinks. Today we’re going to look at London’s top nightclubs and what they have to offer. London is well known to be the home of the biggest DJ names in the industry, and parties in London attract the best DJs from around the world as well. So it’s no wonder that London has the craziest nightclubs in Europe. The top London nightclubs are buzzing with positive energy, gorgeous girls and above all great music for the people who like house, electronic, techno and other genres. There are only a few cities in the world that really have a clubbing culture, such as New York, Detroit, Berlin and of course London. Nightclubs put great effort into maintaining this status which keeps London on the list as one of the top places to go clubbing. These clubs attract the greatest talent and gives a chance for younger DJs wanting to make a breakthrough in the industry, which is also very important in nurturing this tremendous music and clubbing culture. So here are the top 10 nightclubs in London today.

10. Fabric

FabricThe world famous Fabric club takes great pride in what they have managed to achieve. It has earned quite a reputation in the clubbing community as being one venue that no one should miss out on. The club resides in a Victorian cellar that gives it a rustic feel, but with the massive speakers buried inside the club floors and awesome light shows, no one will mistake this place for a mundane club that tries too hard to seem cool.

The visiting address is: 77a Charterhouse Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 3HN

9. Electric Ballroom


During the weekends the Electric Ballroom club definitely becomes one of London’s top nightclubs in the city, especially for the individuals that truly appreciate indie venues such as this one. It has been open since 1978, and that fact on its own is an amazing one. The legendary band The Hives and Sid Vicious also performed here. If house and techno music aren’t your thing, than this is the club for you.

Visiting address: 184 Camden Street, Camden Town London, NW1 8QP


Teengirl Fantasy is American duo Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi. They were playing at XOYO in London for the release of their debut album "7AM".

Located on a modest street in Old Street, XOYO is one of London’s gathering grounds for anyone who is interested in music, art, and all types of different cultural events. It’s mostly visited thanks to artists and DJs such as Jamie xx, Mos Def and many others. But because of the variety of events they host chances are most people will find something they like on a particular evening. The two floors and three bars are spread out across the club and a smoking terrace will make this club a favorite for many.

The visiting address: 32-37 Cowper Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4AP

7. Ministry Of Sound

Ministry-Of-SoundSince its opening night in 1991, the Ministry of Sound has made its way into clubbing history. For good reasons, as it has had some of the biggest names as regular house DJs on the London scene. The Ministry of Sound actually had its own record label, which proves this clubs notoriety for its tremendous history and what it offered to the clubbing world and music lovers around the world. In the late 90’s the club had problems with attendances and it began slowly stagnating. But in recent years the interior of the club has been refurbished, putting in on the map once again.

Visiting address: Elephant and Castle, London, 103 Gaunt Street

6. Egg

EggAfter the smoking ban was introduced, the Egg nightclub was more than prepared by offering their visitors a gorgeous garden and terrace where they can smoke without any issues. The first level and ground floor has an industrial design to it, while the loftbar looks more modern. The Egg club is most well known for its Sunday morning after-parties where the clubbers can enjoy watching the sunrise while chilling to the sounds of house and electro they love so much.

Visiting address: King’s Cross, 200 York Way, London, N7 9AP

5. Corsica Studios

Corsica StudiosCorsica Studios deserves to be in the top 10 London nightclub list because of its amazingly designed two room club and its ability to give off a vibe of an illegal nightclub at the same time. Many modern nightclubs try to draw in people with shiny and fancy interiors. Corsica Studious is the exact opposite, as it’s all about the music and wonderful combinations of different genres that makes it odd and appealing at the same time. If you despise the mainstream, than this is the place for you.

Visiting address: Unit 5 Farrell Court, 4-5 Elephant Court, London

4. Proud2

Proud2Located inside the Millennium Dome is one of England’s most lavish and high tech nightclubs. It’s called the Proud2 and is boasts an audio system that’s so powerful, it would put many clubs to shame. It also has a dance floor that moves in sync with the music, just in case the music isn’t loud enough to make the people move on their own. It’s decadent interior and art deco design won’t appeal to everyone however. Prices are also steep, but this is often expected in most superclubs, which Proud2 definitely is.

Visiting address: The O2 Arena Peninsula, Greenwhich, London SE10 0DX

3. Proud Camden


Visiting Proud Camden during the day is a completely different experiences than what it is when night falls. This art gallery becomes one of London’s hot spots at night for music lovers. Over the years some very well known musicians have performed here such as Amy Winehouse, Dizzee Rascal and Peter Doherty. Its location is not the best, as it might be difficult finding it, but visiting Proud Camden is an absolute must for anyone who wants to experience something different in London’s night life.

Visiting address: The Horse Hospital, Stables Market, Chalk Farm road, London NW1 8AH

2. Cable

CableLocated near the London Bridge, the Cable nightclub was something of a turning point in London’s clubbing scene. As things seemed to be cooling down, the Cable changed it all and proved that true clubbers were still aching and wanting the intensity that some clubs lost over the years. This 1000 capacity club spreads through three different rooms and two dance floors. In 2012 there was a new addition, a sister club called Relay, with its own live music events, comedy shows and stand ups and of course club nights.

Visiting address: 33A Bermondsey Street, Bankside, London


KokoThe KoKo club resides in what use to be the Camden Theatre, which opened back in 1900. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that KoKo is the life and soul of today’s Camden Town. The lavish interior and red color scheme certainly gives a very special atmosphere, especially considering the people who performered there, the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Madonna and the Eurythmics, just to name a few. It is a very well established club that should be on all top nightclub lists in London.

Visiting address: Camden High Street 1A, Camden Town, London