What visitors really like about the capital city of England is its rich history – since this country has been a monarchy for many centuries, it is filled with grand objects which were mostly founded by the royal family – kings and queens throughout the history. Top 10 London palaces list will show you which ones of these buildings are the most famous and the most beautiful of them – all the way from the almost-ancient Tower of London to the well-known Buckingham Palace, these buildings are visited by thousands of tourists every day and might be one of the most “English” things about England. Top 10 London palaces are the ones that the Londoners are most proud of – even though they aren’t their own property the palaces bring that sense of the   old, powerful kingdom to Londoners and to the nation itself. British monarchy just might be the most famous in the world – kings, queens, palaces and everything royal are among the first things that come to mind when one thinks about Britain. Whenever a tourist comes to London, he is guaranteed to bump into one of these incredible buildings when wandering through the streets of the capital, and these are the best ones:

#10 Kew Palace

pal 10

This palace can be found in Kew Gardens on the coast of the Thames, on the east side of London. Three palaces were built at this place during the years, with the first one built in 1631, and with one of them open to visitors today. King George III spent so much time at this palace, away from the urban London, that he even got a nickname – “farmer George”! In 2006, Prince Charles held a dinner here to celebrate the 80th birthday of his mother, the Queen.

Visit Address: Royal Botanic Gardens, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3AB

#9 St James’s Palace

pal 9

Even though the royal family hasn’t lived here for years, this place is the sovereign’s official residence. It can be found in the City of Westminster, London, and was built in 1531 by Henry VIII. This is the official place of the Royal Court, even though the monarch is somewhere else – at the famous Buckingham Palace. Official receptions are the main thing happening inside this beautiful building – heads of states and other important people come to this place very often.

Visit Address: Marlborough Road, London, SW1A 1BS

#8 Eltham Palace

pal 8

Eltham Palace can be found in the Greenwich Royal Borough and was restored by the English Heritage. The last monarch who spent a lot of time here was Henry VIII, who even grew up in it. Later, the palace felt into disrepair, but it was bought by a rich couple in the 1930s who managed to repair the Great Hall, and even added the incredible house of their age, with the unique Art Deco design that was so popular at the time.

Visit Address: Eltham Palace, SE9 London

#7 Banqueting House

pal 7

The Banqueting House is the best known surviving part of the Whitehall Palace, which was the residence of the royal family from 1530 to 1698 when almost the entire complex got destroyed by fire. The Banqueting Palace itself was built in 1622 and survived the before-mentioned fire because of its isolated position. The place is also famous for being a site of the execution of Charles I, in 1649. This was the first building that was completed in the so-called neo-classical style.

Visit Address: Whitehall, SW1A 2ER London

#6 Hampton Court Palace

pal 6

Hampton Court Palace can be found in the Richmond upon Thames Borough, and it was built in 1515. This is the oldest Tudor palace in England that survived to these days, and the visitors are able to see its rich history by taking a look at its incredible mix of Tudor and Baroque architecture – the Baroque one is the consequence of King William II’s rebuilding in 17th century, as he tried to match the French Versailles by expanding the whole complex.

Visit Address: East Molesey, KT8 9AU Surrey

#5 Kensington Palace

pal 5

This is the birthplace of the famous Queen Victoria, perhaps the most well-known British monarch of all time. It is also known as Princess Diana’s home between 1981 and 1997, when she was tragically killed in the car accident. Today, the tourists can choose between four different routes through the palace and see many remnants of the Royal life inside the palace, like the court of king George I, and all the rooms where the young Victoria grew up, knowing that she was to become the Queen.

Visit Address: Kensington Gardens, W8 4PX London

#4 Tower of London

pal 4

This is the famous, historic castle which is located on the bank of Thames River in the central London. It was built by William the Conqueror after his successful invasion of England. The tower was besieged a few times through the history, as the control of the tower meant the control of the country. It also served as a prison all the way from 1100 to 1952, and everyone knew what happened to someone who was “sent to the Tower”.

Visit Address: EC3N 4AB London

#3 Windsor Castle

pal 3

This is a well-known palace which is situated in the western part of London. The original building was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, and ever since then, it as used by the kings and queens as the palace with the longest occupation in the Europe. It is the weekend residence of Elizabeth II and a very popular tourist attraction – almost a million of them visit the palace every year, as it is one of the top palaces in London and in the entire United Kingdom.

Visit Address: Windsor and Maidenhead, London SL4 1NJ

#2 Palace of Westminster

pal 2

Better known as Parliament, the Palace of Westminster was built in the 11th century and it was a residence for English kings until the fire of 1512. Since then, it houses the Parliament of England and the Royal Courts of Justice. The name “Westminster” is now strongly connected to the UK Parliament, and the most famous part of it is certainly the “Big Ben”, the main bell which became associated with the entire tower – and the tower itself is one of the symbols of England.

Visit Address: Westminster, SW1A 0AA London

#1 Buckingham Palace

pal 1

This is the most well-known royal palace in England and our winner of Top Palaces in London. It is the official residence of Elizabeth II, and it is opened for visit every summer. The original building was built in 1703, and structures were added during the 19th and 20th century. The court of the palace is used for the Changing of the Guard, which was always one of the biggest tourist attractions in London. This palace is the symbol of the British monarchy

Visit Address: SW1A, 1AA London


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