Most people who live in London love living on the fast track, because of the hustle and bustle of this wonderful and lively city. But there are occasions when a person just needs to lay back and forget about everything and be completely pampered. The best 10 London spas are the perfect places to enjoy some “me” time, feel the beautiful fluffy towels on your skin as they gently caress your body while getting a relaxing and soothing massage. Thankfully there are numerous such spas all over London and we’re sure the ladies especially will love every second they spend in them. Some are perfect places for a hen party believe it or not. Our suggestion is go to a spa treatment before the hen party or after when you can talk about the wild night you had. Or perhaps you just want a quick manicure and pedicure, these spas offer it all. Whatever the case may be, just take a break from your regular life and give into the indulgent side of life and don’t for a second feel guilty, because life without pleasure is no life at all. Here are our picks for the top 10 spas in London.

10. Akasha Spa

Akasha SpaNo10Located in the basement of the Hotel Café Royal is one of London’s best spas. Once you walk through its doors you won’t be able to believe you’re just a few minutes away from Piccadilly Circus. The soundproofing doesn’t let in even the loudest street and traffic noises which will make it easy for visitors to relax completely. The centerpiece of this spa is its magnificent 18 meter pool and the journey through the marble corridors to the pool just makes it even more exciting.

Visiting address: 68 Regent St, London, W1B 4DY

9. Agua Spa

Agua SpaNo9The Agua spa was established in 2000 and was one of the most talked about spas after it opened. Fifteen years later and it seems as though this particular spa has only gotten better. The massage therapies they offer are heavenly and delightful. And that might even be an understatement. Whether you want the best facial in town or to receive a soothing massage, the Agua spa is a real contender in a very competitive business.

Visiting address: The Sanderson Hotel, 50 Berners St, London, W1T 3NG

8. The Beaumont Spa

The Beaumont SpaNo8There’s no better place to receive an invigorating treatment than in the Beaumont spa. They offer numerous treatments but the one everyone should at least try is the modern type of a Turkish bath. It consists of laying on a warm marble slab and being rubbed down in black Moroccan soap and a fairly coarse mitten. If that doesn’t lively you up perhaps a good old fashioned deep tissue massage will do the trick.

Visiting address: Brown Hart Gardens, London, W1K 6TF

7. Aman Spa

13788-170-1Located in the Connaught hotel isn’t just one of London’s finest bars but also a beautiful spa. Once you get off the streets of the hectic Mayfair and enter into the bliss and calm of the Aman spa you can almost feel the anxiety melt away. The pool boasts a tremendous waterfall and the treatments guests receive from their barefoot therapists will leave them in a state of serenity and peace.

Visiting address: Carlos Place, London, W1K 2AL

6. Chuan Spa

Chuan SpaNo6The Chuan spa is situated in a very intense and lively place of town which certainly doesn’t have a reputation for being calm and quiet. But the Chuan spa on Regent Street manages to be a real urban paradise for those seeking to sooth their bodies and souls. The main ethos of the Chuan spa revolves around traditional Chinese medicine and chances are you’ll be amazed at some of the results you’ll feel. A treatment here can cost anywhere between £100 and £160 so it’s something of an indulgent treat for most people but very worth while.

Visiting address: The Langham, 1C Portland Place, London, W1B 1JA

5. Espa Life

Espa LifeNo5The Espa already deserved a place as one of London’s best gyms but what we didn’t talk about is the gorgeous spa located here. Located in the five star Corinthia hotel is a lavish spa with beautiful labyrinth corridors, wonderful spa and treatment rooms and thermal pools. Massages and treatment packages rarely cost under £200 but we have to say that once you truly feel this place’s vibe you won’t be thinking about the money any longer.

Visiting address: Corinthia Hotel, Whitehall Place, SW1A 2BD

4. Spa Illuminata

Spa IlluminataNo4Another Mayfair located spa that will certainly relieve all the tension from your muscles and all the stress from your mind. The therapists here are passionate about what they do and once they put their hands to work you will most definitely feel it. The vigorous treatment will loosen up every inch of your body even though at first not everyone might feel comfortable. No pain no gain.

Visiting address: 63 South Audley St, London, W1K 2QS

3. St Pancras Spa

St Pancras SpaNo3If it’s luxury you want in your spa experience and treatments then look no further. The Japanese massaging techniques they implement and Ko Bi Do facials will more than likely shed off a few years from your stressed out body. There’s a lovely Victorian tiled pool and a state of the art gym. Luxury doesn’t come cheap but what good things in life do?

Visiting address: Marriott St Pancras Renaissance, London, NW1 2QR

2. The Dorchester Spa

The Dorchester SpaNo2Never has an all body exfoliation sounded as good as it does in the Dorchester spa. It beings with a wonderful rose cocoon, followed by applying rose oil and beautifully silky creams and gels. After that you simply rest your head on a heavenly head massager while being wrapped up as the moisturizing technique slowly takes effect. While it doesn’t have a sauna chances are you won’t miss it too much at the Dorchester spa.

Visiting address: Park Lane, Mayfair, London, W1K 1QA

1. Cowshed Primrose Hill

Cowshed Primrose HillNo1Primrose Hill is the latest addition to the Cowshed brand and it looks and feels better than ever. Their trademark facial costs £70 and during the one hour of the treatment you will be pampered as your skin slowly begins regaining its silky smoothness and shine. They offer a wide range of massages and we recommend you try some of them while you’re there. You will leave the spa feeling completely rejuvenated.