One thing is certain – there is a lot of restaurants in London, coming in various sorts – like the Chinese ones, Indian, buffet, cheap, luxurious, and the list goes on and on. And since this global city is one of the financial capitals of the world, there are bound to be many businessmen inside of it, who sometimes have to hold business dinners – to, for example, celebrate a merger, to works on some details while having a tasty meal, or to just impress the new client. And not every restaurant in the city is good for these kinds of things – you certainly won’t impress your new client in some god-forsaken takeaway in the back of some dirty street. And that is why we compiled the Top 10  Restaurants For Business Meetings In London, bringing you the ten restaurants that are perfectly suitable for the business dinners and other things related to business. These places offer a nice selection of food and drinks, couples with great interiors that create a pleasant atmosphere, making you want to remain inside the restaurant for as long as possible. But prepare your pocket first – some of these places are pretty expensive. Top 10  Restaurants For Business Meetings In London are these.

#10 Galvin Bistrot de Luxe

busres 10The Galvin Bistrot de Luxe restaurant is located on the famous Baker Street, and, as you can guess from the name, it serves the finest meals of the French cuisine. The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the restaurant is a very pleasant atmosphere – the interior features dark wood paneling and the globe lighting. The best thing to try at the Galvin Bistrot de Luxe is the duck and the pork – they are delicious. The restaurant also serves an excellent coffee.

Visit Address: Baker Street 66, London W1U 7DJ

#9 Boundary

busres 9The Boundary can be found in the district of Shoreditch, on the street that has the same name as the restaurant. As it was the case with the previous restaurant on our Top 10 Business Meetings Restaurants In London list, this one also offers French dining, complete with the rooftop bar and a grill. Small is the chance to be disappointed here – the cooking is superb and the service is great. There is also a nice wine list, arranged by the regions.

Visit Address: Boundary Street 2, E2 7DD London

#8 Arbutus

busres 8If you’re into modern European food, this is the place to go. The Arbutus is situated on the Frith Street, not very far from the station at the Tottenham Court Road. Even though it might look simple on the first glance, the interior of the Arbutus actually has a sleek contemporary design, which might be exactly what you’re looking for your business meeting. Be sure to try the Scottish salmon – it is well done and comes with the hazelnut jus.

Visit Address: Frith Street 63, W1D 3JW London

#7 Goodman

busres 7Located in Mayfair, on the Maddox Street, the Goodman restaurant is one of the newest in the city, having a Russian owner and trying to bring the New York style of eateries to London. The interior looks pretty inviting – there is the dark wood paneling, the bar-counter that runs through the entire length of the restaurant, and the comfortable leather booths. The Goodman also has a very friendly staff, and the thing to try here is the steak – one of the most American meals.

Visit Address: Maddox Street 24, W1S 1QH London

#6 L’Anima

busres 6As you might suggest from the name, this is an Italian restaurant, located on the Snowden Street. It is one of the best choices when it comes to business meetings, and the businessmen are the regular crowd here. The interior can be overwhelming – it is very sleek, featuring a modern look that combines glass, limestone, and minimalism as the dominant design philosophy. The food is skillfully prepared – one of the best meals is the beef tagliata, which comes with the magliocco sauce.

Visit Address: Snowden Street 1, EC2A 2DQ London

#5 Les Deux Salons

busres 5Located in Covent Garden, this two-floor restaurant (and a bar) has the same owner as the Boundary restaurant. This place had a refurbishment very recently – and now it looks better than ever. There is a great selection of the meals of the French cuisine here, some of them being a great combination of a low price and unforgettable taste – all sorts of steaks, fish soups, and crèmes. There is also a global wine list that has 25 white and 25 red wines.

Visit Address: William IV Street 40, WC2N 4DD London

#4 Avenue

busres 4This restaurant is all about the United States – it serves the contemporary American meals (and the fine wines) in the room that has Manhattan as its inspiration, complete with sculptures and paintings hanging on the walls. It was opened in 1997, and now it’s definitely among better places for eating in the city. There is a load of things to try here – like the clam chowder that is served in a loaf crust, as well as the meatloaf, which was always so popular across the water.

Visit Address: St James’s Street 7, SW1A 1EE London

#3 Baltic

busres 3If you’re bored of French, Italian, Indian, and other cuisines that are featured in so many London restaurant – the Baltic restaurant is the place to go. It serves the finest meals of the Baltic, Russian, Polish, and Hungarian cuisines, some of them pretty tasty (making an impression on the client!). The first thing to notice here is the front section of the restaurant – it looks like a really modern lobby of some hotel, complete with the velvet curtains and amber crystal decorations.

Visit Address: Blackfriars Road 74, SE1 8HA London

#2 Theo Randall

busres 2This restaurant, one of the Top 10 London Business Meetings Restaurants, can be found at the InterContinental hotel at the Hamilton Place, not far from the station at the Hyde Park Corner. The restaurant was opened in 2006, and it features a pretty colorful and spacious dining room, perfect for the business dinners. The service is great, as is the cooking – some of the best things to try here are the smoked eel, the sea bass, and the roasted guinea fowl, served with the Portobello mushrooms.

Visit Address: Hamilton Place, W1J 7QU (InterContinental Hotel)

#1 Hawksmoor Seven Dials

busres 1The winner of our list is the Seven Dials restaurant, located on the Langley Street (in Covent Garden) in what was once an old brewery. The atmosphere of the place is very intimate, as it features some beautiful vintage decorations. The selection of food here is, as expected, pretty great, and the same goes for the list of drinks (well-sourced wines and quality cocktails). A piece of advice – be sure to try the salted caramel rolos – and thank us later.

Visit Address: Langley Street 11, WC2H 9JG London