In our series of articles that brings you the best London restaurants that are cooking the meals of the specific cuisines, the next one is – the Thai cuisine. As every country has its own food profile, so does the Thailand, that mysterious, exotic country of the Far East. The meals of this cuisine are lightly prepared bu still pretty spicy and have some aromatic components. If we would have to put the philosophy that is behind this Asian cuisine in one sentence, that would be – using different elements to create a harmony, as the Thai cuisine is all about the interplay of a few fundamental tastes that make the overall taste of a finished meal something pretty unique. And if you live (or are visiting) London and want to try some meals of this exotic cuisine, you will be able to do it with no problems – there is a load of Thai restaurants around the city, which is exactly the reason that we made the Top 10 Thai Restaurants In London, with focus on presenting you ten best of these restaurants that are located in the capital city of the United Kingdom. The Top 10 Thai Restaurants In London are:

#10 Busaba Eathai

th 10One of many Busaba Eathai restaurants that are distributed across London, this one can be found on the Wardour Street, at number 106, and it was the first restaurant of this chain that opened in the England’s capital. The interior of a place has a pretty mysterious atmosphere – it combines dimly lit lanterns, the incense, and the dark wood. The tables are spacious and shared, making this place a perfect destination for eating with friends. Be sure to try the crab – it’s delicious.

Visit Address: Wardour Street 106, W1F 0TR London

#9 Thai Thai Restaurant

th 9Located on the Old Street, the Thai Thai Restaurant has a nice interior – it is roomy and laidback, with a contemporary design that still has some traditional touches of the Thai architecture. Here, the guests can choose the meals of the traditional Thai cuisine, like all sorts of curries, Pad Thai, or the Somtam Salad. There are also some great cocktails to try here, which are made from freshly blended juices and have pretty interesting names, like the Flying Snow Welcomes Spring.

Visit Address:  Old Street 110, EC1V 9BD London

#8 Nipa Thai

th 8The Nipa Thai restaurant can be found at the Lancaster Hotel, a four-star hotel that is located very close to the Lancaster Gate, north of the Hyde Park. It is a plush restaurant with pretty expensive meals, with full set meals starting at the price of £35. But you can surely expect some good things for that money, as there are some authentic meals, tasty desserts, as well as some magnificent Thai wines. The restaurant also overlooks the Hyde Park.

Visit Address: Lancaster Hotel, Lancaster Terrace, W2 2TY London

#7 KaoSarn

th 7This is a family-run Thai restaurant and a cafe that can be found in Brixton, at the Brixton Market, providing a very lively and vibrant setting to the place. There is no wonder why this place is regularly crowded, both inside and outside – the food is a great combination of affordable prices and authentic flavors of Thailand. Here, the visitors can try some noodle dishes, curries, and stir-fries, as well as some pretty impressive salads. There are also some soft drinks, like the ginger tea.

Visit Address: Brixton Village Market 2, Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8PR London

#6 Smoking Goat

th 6Located at the Tin Pan Alley, the Smoking Goat welcomes its customers with a pretty unforgettable atmosphere – the place is smoky, the lights one the ceiling are low, and the majority of the seats are set around the bar. The things to try at the Smoking Bar are the lamb ribs, the chicken wings that are bathing in the fish sauce, and the palm and chilli sugars. Have in mind that the Smoking Goat takes no reservations – but it’s still among the best in London.

Visit Address: Denmark Street 7, WC2H 8LZ London

#5 Esarn Kheaw

th 5This particular restaurant, one of the Top 10 Thai Restaurants In London, is located on the Uxbridge Road where it serves the dishes of the Northeastern Thailand. The interior has some traditional Thai decorations, like murals of the rice farmers and the paintings of the Royal family (the Thai one, not the British). There are so many things to try at the Esarn Kheaw – like the chargrilled beef, minced catfish, or the-the green chili dip. There are also some drinks – Thai beers, wines, and teas.

Visit Address: Uxbridge Road 314, W12 7LJ London

#4 The Begging Bowl

th 4The Begging Bowl serves the meals that are modelled on the street food of Thailand – soups, fish cakes, chilies, spices and herbs. It is located on the Bellenden Road, in Peckham, where it opened back in 2012. The dining room of this restaurant has a pretty contemporary feel, as it has large windows and some colorful wood lining, and the guests can also sit outside. The restaurant also offers some cocktails and wines, all of this served by the enthusiastic, friendly staff.

Visit Address: Bellenden Road 168, SE15 4BW London

#3 Champor – Champor

th 3The Champor-Champor can be found on the Western Street, not far from the famous Shard. The name of this restaurant, when translated to English, means “mix and match” which is a pretty fitting name for this place. The interior is magnificent – the walls have some vibrant colors and are decorated with masks, candles and some silk. The restaurant mixes Thai and Malay cuisines, preparing and mixing the best meals of both worlds. Be sure to try the fish dishes – they’re really good.

Visit Address: Western Street 62, SE1 3QJ London

#2 Isarn

th 2The first thing you’ll notice when entering this place is the mysterious atmosphere of the interior – there is the dark wood and huge lampshades, giving the place the distinct Asian feel. And when we combine this with a great menu (which is wallet-friendly), the Isarn can certainly be called on of the best Thai restaurants in the city. It is located on Upper Street and has a pretty narrow dining room, as well as the small courtyard for the outside dining.

Visit Address: Upper Street 119, N1 1QP London

#1 Heron

th 1In our opinion, the best of the Top 10 London Thai Restaurants is the Heron. It can be found in the back of the Edgware Road, with its dark interior and probably the best Thai food in all of London. The kitchen of this restaurant specializes in the cuisine of Northeastern Thailand, serving the meals like stir-fries, sour curries and some spicy salads. The guests can see all the meals in the menu that comes only in the Thai language – fortunately with some pictures.

Visit Address: Norfolk Cres, W2 2DN London