It doesn’t matter where you are, every town or city feels and looks slightly different at night. Everything seems a bit more mysterious and romantic, and it sometimes really can feel like an adventure. Night owls will probably understand. But when talking about a city like London this aspect gets much more important because at night London transforms into a bustling lively city. So we’ve made a list of the top 10 things to see and do in London at night. Maybe you like a good show, in which case a cabaret or burlesque venue might the for you. Perhaps you’d like to ride the London Eye at night, that’s possible too. Of course you can also find a pub or club where you and your friends can spend the night and get hammered. But we’ve already covered those in other articles, feel free to check them out. On this list we’ll be taking a look at more cultured ways one could spend an evening in London. And it’s almost certain that some of these activities will completely blow your mind, especially if you’re not a Londoner.

10. Live Music Venues

Patriotic revellers wave flags at the RoLondon is heaving with bars and clubs that are affordable, unpretentious and always great fun. It doesn’t matter at all what your musical tastes might be, jazz, classical, rock and roll, techno, in London all these genres are represented. And some venues put great effort into mixing up their events as well. Make sure you check our list of the best live music venues in London by clicking here. Music lovers will find London to be something of a paradise.

9. Visit The London Zoo

london zoo lateYes, you’ve read right, visit the zoo at night. Not only is it possible to visit the London zoo during the days, they also have tremendous fun events during the nights. Mind you, at nights the zoo is only accessible for adults and not children. Take them during the day and come back at night with your partner to enjoy cabaret shows, delicious street foods and of course observe the animals. During the evenings the London zoo definitely changes its personality.

Visiting address: Regent’s Park, London NW1 4RY

8. Big Ben’s Midnight Strike

Big Ben's Midnight StrikeIt’s the most iconic of all buildings in London, there’s no doubt about that. What most people don’t know is that only the bell inside it is actually called Big Ben. The tower itself is called the Elizabeth Tower. If it looks impressive during the day, at night it shines even more. When this luminary clock that sits against the sky lights up when night falls, and when it signals midnight, you can’t help but feel somewhat honored and appreciative of its history. It’s hard not to be reminded of Robert Frost’s poem “Acquainted with the night”.

Visiting address: Westminster, London SW1A 0AA

7. Riding The London Eye

eye of londonDuring the Spring, Winter and Autumn the London Eye operates at nights as well. Many people have had the chance to ride it during the day, but at night it’s so much more magical and romantic. It’s the best vantage point to see the city from, and we highly recommend that everyone takes this ride, during the day and night as well. A perfect way to being or start a romantic date.

Visiting address: London SE1 7PB

6. Watch Parliament Members Convene

Parliament Members ConveneThis is a strange one, especially considering we’re making a list of things to see and visit during the night. But bear with us. It is completely free of charge to enter the House of Parliament and visitors can have a seat in the public galley and watch and listen to members of parliament. People in the House of Parliament sometimes work until late at nights, up to 11pm, so it’s a neat and unique place to visit during the night. Pretty cheap as well considering it’s free. Check Parliament’s schedule in order to avoid disappointment.

Visiting address: Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA

5. Ceremony of The Keys

Ceremony of The KeysEach and every night there’s an age old tradition in London that unwinds. It’s called the Ceremony of Keys, which is basically the official securing and locking down of the Tower of London. It’s really got it all, enormous old keys, military music, secret passwords, and the ceremonial guardians of the Tower. While this events is 100% free, tickets are required so make sure to get them on time.

4. The Bat Walk

The Bat WalkNo4Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take a walk with Batman through the city of London? Well we got the next best thing for you, watching bats and walking around the town with people who appreciate this animal. The group who began these walks works hard to conserve the species and educate the public about the positive effects they have on the eco-system.

3. Night Tour of London

Night Tour of LondonNo3Of course the best way of seeing London during the night is practically the same as during the day. Take a guided tour. This tour company also offers the Jack the Ripper tour which will lead guests into the dark and shady Victorian alleyways where he committed his heinous crimes that sent shock-waves through London. Be sure to visit their website and book a tour in advance, and you won’t regret it.

2. Hampstead Observatory

Hampstead ObservatoryNo9The highest point in central London is Hampstead Heath and it offers a tremendous view of the city’s skyline. But if you want to experience something really neat you should visit the Hampstead Scientific Society where they have an amazing telescope that’s available for visitors on Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm to 10pm.

Visiting address: Hampstead Grove, London NW3 1DU

1. Find Entertainment In the West End

West EndNo10The West End of London is probably the most vibrant district with the most amazing theatre shows. Theatre lovers will find it all here, cabarets, burlesque shows, classical dramas. It will not the cheapest form of entertainment in London, but it will be the most memorable one. Check out the website link we’ve provided and browse through some of the shows that are the most popular at the moment. You are more than likely to find something that you will want to see.