Everyone knows that the United Kingdom is one of the best countries on the planet for the student education, having some really old universities everywhere around the country that offer the highest standard of teaching, classrooms, student dorms, sports centers, and everything else that makes these places as good as they are.   After all, the number of international students in the United Kingdom is the second highest in the world, being surpassed only by the United States. You probably heard for some of these places – like the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, which are probably among the top five most famous universities of the world. One can find that these universities offer many branches of sciences that can be studied in them, whether the freshmen students are interested in engineering, political sciences, economics, or something completely different. And since there are over 70 such quality universities on the island, we went on to find which ones of them are the best, thus creating the Top 10 UK Universities To Study list – and we can safely say that the job of choosing just ten of these fantastic temples of learning for this article was pretty hard. The Top 10 UK Universities To Study are:

#10 University of Exeter

uni 10The first UK University on our list would be the University of Exeter, located in the historic city of the same name that can be found in Devon. It was founded in 1955 and has a pretty fitting motto – We follow the light. This university has three campuses – two of them in Exeter (St. Luke’s and Streatham), and one of them in Cornwall (Tremough). We should also mention that Exeter was named the University of the Year by the Sunday Times.

Visit Address: Exeter, EX4 Devon

#9 University of Surrey

Surrey ISC Third Party Images.The name says it all – this place is located in the county of Surrey, in the town of Guildford. It specializes in business, engineering, science, and medicine, and it is one of the leading universities of the Southeastern England. This place is well known for the research of mobile communications, participating in the development of the 5G technology, which should be enough for you to know that only the smartest people work and teach here. It was founded in 1966.

Visit Address: Guildford, GU2 7XH Surrey

#8 University of Warwick

uni 8The next place on our list goes to the University of Warwick, situated in Coventry, in the heart of England. Founded back in 1965, this university is based on 300 hectares of the campus area that is on the outskirts of Coventry, having some additional venues such as the Warwick Arts Center and some sports facilities. There are four faculties to study in the University of Warwick – science, arts, social sciences, and the medicine. Some of the notable people who studied here are Sting and Stephen Merchant.

Visit Address: CV4 7AL, Coventry

#7 Durham University

uni 7This university is much older than the previous three on our list – it was established all the way back in 1832, and claims to be the third oldest in England. The estate that houses this university is very large – it has over 60 buildings, ranging from the castle from the 11th century to some very modern, contemporary structures. There is also a very large library that has around million and a half of printed items, some of which are very old, like the Sudan collection.

Visit Address: Stockton Road, DH1 Durham

#6 University of Bath

uni 6This is where we come to probably the most famous university of the Somerset County – the University of Bath. It is located in the city of the same name, where it was established in 1966 and offers the students to study in one of its four faculties – engineering & design, management, humanities & social sciences, or in the faculty of science. The campus of this university is very compact – one can walk from one to the other end of it in just 15 minutes.

Visit Address: Claverton Down Road, BA2 7AY North East Somerset

#5 London School of Economics

uni 5The London School of Economics is, as the name already says, located in London, very close to the boundary between Holborn and the well-known Covent Garden. It was established in 1895 and covers a large array of sciences that are taught here – like the economics, public affairs, human geography, statistics, mathematics, history, and many other sciences. It has one of the best locations of all universities in Britain, being close to all of the important institutions and attractions of the capital city.

Visit Address: Houghton Street, WC2E 2AE London

#4 University of St. Andrews

uni 4One of the Top 10 Universities To Study in the UK, the St. Andrews can be found in the city of the same name in Scotland, some fifty miles north of Edinburgh. It can be safely said that this is one of the oldest places of this kind in Britain – it was established all the way back in the 15 century, and it still stands as one of the best places to study in Scotland. The motto of the university is – Ever to Excel.

Visit Address: St. Andrews, KY16 9AJ Fife

#3 Imperial College London

uni 3The next university would be the Imperial College, situated in the South Kensington, London. It was founded in 1907 (Royal Charter), with the first brick being laid by Queen Victoria herself. As it is the case with some other universities on this list, the Imperial College London is also organized into 4 different faculties – and these would be business, engineering, science, and medicine. The university has its own television, radio, newspapers, a boat club, as well as the student’s union.

Visit Address: SW7 2AZ, London

#2 University of Oxford

uni 2There is almost no possibility that you haven’t heard about this place – the University of Oxford is one of  most famous institutions of this kind in the world. No one knows when was this university founded, but some say that it was established all the way back in 1096, which would make it the second oldest in the world (after the one in Bologna). There are 38 colleges here, each having its own separate membership and the internal structures.

Visit Address: Oxford, UK

#1 University of Cambridge

uni 1The winner of our Top 10 Universities of the United Kingdom list is University of Cambridge, which was founded at the beginning of the 13th century (in 1209), and it still stands as the second oldest university in the Anglophone world. It is also the wealthiest university on the continent, as it had an endowment of over five billion pounds in 2014. As expected, the university also has many societies, sports clubs, its own newspapers and radio, and some of the famous people who studied and worked here are Charles Darwin and Sir Isaac Newton.

Visit Address: Trinity Lane – CB2 1TN Cambridge