What’s the one thing that makes London the iconic city that it is? Well there are many answers to this question and there’s no single right answer. But surely one thing that London has going for it is the river Thames. Throughout the city’s history this river has been the backbone of what is today one of the most exciting cities in the world. The Thames is the longest river in England. If you ever enjoyed an ocean cruise, than you will absolutely love cruising on the river Thames while enjoying a nice show and a tremendous dinner. Seeing the sights from this perspective is often awe-inspiring and gives people a chance to see the city from a completely new angle. We’ve composed a list of the best 5 river cruises available in London.

5. Afternoon Tea Cruise

Afternoon Tea CruiseNo5What could feel more majestic than gently cruising down the river Thames and enjoying a nice cup of tea with friends? The afternoon tea ritual isn’t the same if it doesn’t include some other delicious snacks. Sandwiches and other finger licking good foods are available, just don’t forget to get on top of the ship and enjoy the amazing 360 degree views. Oh, if you seriously like your tea than you’ll be happy to know that there is practically an endless supply of it.

Visiting address: Victoria Embankment, Westminster, London, SW1A 2JH

4. RIB Voyages

RIB VoyagesNo4If you like a bit of adrenaline while sightseeing than this is probably the best way of getting a look at London from the river’s perspective. RIB voyages won’t wine and dine you on your cruise, because you’ll be praying to God you don’t fall overboard and be left behind. Joking aside, because of the safety precautions they take that’s never going to happen. But the extremely fast speed boats will definitely give you a rush and maybe even a scare at some moments. Click the link above and check out their website if you’re interested.

3. London Duck Tours

London Duck ToursNo3Adding a little bit of quirkiness into your life will not hurt a single bit, if anything it’ll make you realize how to really have fun. The reason London Duck Tours makes it onto the list of the best 5 London river cruises is because they use amphibious vehicles that do just as well in the water as they do while driving tourists around the streets of London. These amphibious machines were originally used during WW2, so it’s nice to see them re-purposed for this kind of activity.

Visiting address: 55 York Road London, SE1 7NJ

2. The London Showboat

The London ShowboatNo2Unlike the previous two on our list, this one adds a bit more poise and class to their cruising experience. The cruise lasts for about 3 ½ hours during which you will certainly be entertained by the great music and cabaret. There’s just something special about dining out while being on a small ship on a river, because the experience is so much more intimate and lively at the same time. Cruises are available during the day but you’ll be delighted to hear they also offer night cruises. It would make a pretty good date with a lady.

Visiting address: Victoria Embankment, London, SW1A 2JH

1. Bateaux River Cruise

Bateaux River CruiseNo1We’ve saved the best for last, as there are numerous reasons why we’ve placed the Bateaux cruise on the top of our list of the best 5 Thames river cruises. It’s arguably the best cruise in London considering the magnificent service they have on board, the always fresh and delicious food. Everything about it will make you feel just a tad more civilized and cultured. And the world could do with a bit more class, which is exactly what you’ll get on the Bateaux river cruises.

Visiting address: Embankment Pier, Victoria Embankment, London, WC2N 6NU