As you already know, the British Empire, with London as its capital, was one of the largest empires in history. It consisted of various colonies, mandates, dominions, protectorates and territories that were by the United Kingdom, covering, at its height, over 13 million square miles of area and holding sway over almost 500 million people. This is what made London one of the richest and the largest cities on the planet (it actually was the largest in the world, from 1831 to 1925). As the empire fell into decline and doesn’t exist anymore, London is still a very important city on a global scale, being not only the capital of the United Kingdom but also one of the major Commonwealth cities (The Commonwealth of Nations is what succeeded the British Empire – an intergovernmental organization that has 53 member states). As you can see, this is one of the most important cities on the planet, and this means that it has to have a lot of – foreign embassies! There are 164 embassies in London – and some of them are housed in some pretty good-looking buildings, making us create the Top Countries Foreign Embassies In London, bringing you some of these places that have a beautiful architecture and are worth thousands of pounds. The Top Countries Foreign Embassies In London are these:

Embassy of Japan

emb 1

The diplomatic relationship between the United Kingdom and the State of Japan dates all the way back to the 17 century, when William Adams arrived at the Usuki, on the southern coast of Japan. Even though there weren’t any relations between these two countries during the Sakoku period (which lasted from 1641 to 1835), the ties remained very strong, even despite Japan and the United Kingdom being  on the opposite sides during the Second World War. The embassy of Japan can be found on the opposite side of the Green Park, on Piccadilly, occupying a large building that dates to the Georgian times. This embassy has been valued around £100 million.

Visit Address: Piccadilly 101, W1J 7JT London

Embassy of Ecuador

emb 2The next embassy on our list would be the one of Ecuador, the country which is located in the northwest of the South America. The embassy can be found in the London district of Knightsbridge, at Hans Crescent, immediately recognizable by the yellow-blue-red flag that is hanging outside of the building, together with the coat of arms. The building is shared with the Embassy of Colombia, the South-American neighbor of Ecuador, and is estimated to have a worth of around fifteen million pounds. This place is also well-known for being the present home of Julian Assange, an Australian journalist known for the WikiLeaks affair, who sought and was granted a refugee inside the embassy.

Visit Address: Hans Crescent, SW1X 0LS London

Embassy of Germany

emb 3The next embassy on our list of Top London Foreign Embassies is the one of Germany, which is, like the United Kingdom, a member of the European Union and has the EU flag hanging next to the German one on the front wall of the building. The relations between the United Kingdom and Germany were pretty turbulent during the centuries, as these two countries were often in war, most notable of them being the two world wars. But ever since the German reunification, the things have been pretty stable, with both countries being members of the EU and NATO. The embassy itself is located in Belgravia, occupying three terraced houses with the extension from the late 20th century.

Visit Address: Belgrave Square 23, SW1X 8PZ London

High Commission of Australia

emb 4As you can see from the name, this is the embassy of the Australian Commonwealth (this is the official name of the state of Australia), located in the district of Aldwych, London. We don’t have to talk a lot about the Anglo-Australian relations – as you know, both of these countries are the members of the Commonwealth of Nations and have the same head of the state, which would be Queen Elizabeth II as Australia was once one of the biggest dominions of the British Empire. This is also the reason for Australian High Commission being the longest occupied diplomacy mission in the UK. The building is also known as the Australia House and is worth around £100 million.

Visit Address: Strand, WC2B 4LA London

Embassy of the United States

emb 5This is where we come to the embassy of the United States, which can be found on the Grosvenor Square, just east of the famous Hyde Park.  As you know, the nations of USA and UK are bound together by many common things, like the shared history, legal system, and, of course, the language, and these ties have been nursed for decades. The United Kingdom’s policy is that the relationship between UK and USA is the most important relationship in the world. The embassy itself has been located at the present location ever since the 60s, and there are plans to build a huge new embassy at the Nine Elms, which is going to be worth around £600 million.

Visit Address: Grosvenor Square 24, W1A 1LQ London

Embassy of Russia

emb 6The next embassy on our list is the one of the Russian Federation, located at the Kensington Palace Gardens. The relations between the UK and Russian span some five centuries and the state between these countries often changed from alliance to war. The most notable alliance would that of the Second World War while one of the biggest rivalries was the one during the Crimean War. Crimea is also the main reason for the relations turning hostile in 2014, after the Russian seizure of Crimea, with the UK being against it. The embassy itself was inherited by Russia after the dissolution of the USSR and has not changed the location since then.

Visit Address: Kensington Palace Gardens 6, W8 4QP London

Embassy of France

emb 7Our list of the Top Countries Foreign Embassies of London end with the embassy of the French Republic, located in the district of Knightsbridge. The relations that the UK had with France and far longer and complex that with any other country on our list, reaching all the way back to the Norman conquest of 1066. Nowadays, the relation is quite close, with both countries being members of NATO and the European Union, and we should also note that French is the most taught second language in the UK (the same goes with The English language in France). The building that houses the embassy looks particularly beautiful, and it was designed by the famous architect Thomas Cubitt.

Visit Address: Knightsbridge 58, SW1X 7JT London