London is a big and beautiful city filled with loads of opportunities. As it has a high number of inhabitants and an overall big population, it is logical that there is a huge demand for food clothing and various other items. This is the reason why the streets of London house such a large number of various markets and stalls. Some of the Top London Street Markets are themed and have a general stock of items (meat markets or flower markets for instance), but some are home to such diverse items that you assure that you will find something of interest. Taking a walk through any one of London`s Top Street Markets is a simple joy that almost always leads to a fine purchase. This is one of the reasons why street markets have become so popular in this area. Collectors can find fine art and antique collectables in many of these places, gardeners can find seeds and gardening tools, fashion enthusiasts can browse through the work of up-and-coming young designers, and most importantly, people looking for a quick snack or even some fresh ingredients for their home-cooked meal will not leave any of the Top London Street Markets empty-handed!

flower market


  1. New Covent Garden Market

The New Covent Garden Market is considered to be the largest flower, vegetable and fruit market in the United Kingdom. It is the supplier of 40% of the vegetables and fruit eaten in London. It is also the most popular shopping destination for 75% of London`s florists. None of this comes as a surprise because this addition to the Top London Street Markets is one of the biggest of its kind. This is the place where you should buy your fresh ingredients!


Visiting Address: New Covent Garden Market, London SW8

  1. Borough Market

Located just south of the London Bridge, in London`s Borough, this market has been working approximately since it was first recorded on the London Bridge in 1014. Because of its amazing history and interesting origin, it comes as no surprise that this is a favored destination for London`s shoppers. The Borough Market sells mostly food items and fresh ingredients that are unique and loved by many home cooking enthusiasts in London. Fresh ingredients and delightful atmosphere in this market make shopping here an exciting experience!

borough market

Visiting Address: 8 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TL

  1. Leadenhall Market

Gracechurch Street is the home of the splendid Leadenhall Market. This market sells mostly fresh food and food related ingredients. It is considered as one of the oldest street markets in London, dating back from the 14th century. This pick for the Top London Street Markets was originally a poultry, game and meat market. Its primary stock consists of food vendors selling everything from cheese to fresh meat, but you can also find some clothes vendors and even a pen shop!


Visiting Address: London EC3V 1LT

  1. Smithfield Market

Located in the northwest part of central London, the Smithfield Market is primarily a meat market and a wholesale market. It`s rich history comes with the fact that the Smithfield Market has been around since the 10th century. It has a rich history of bloody executions of heretics and state rebels and major figures of history such as the likes of Wat Tyler and Sir William Wallace. Accompanied by its rich history and quality fresh products, I`d say that the Smithfield Market is definitely worth visiting!


Visiting Address: 225, Central Markets, London EC1A 9LH

  1. Old Spitalfields Market

Located in London`s Spitalfields, this covered market has been around for more than 350 years! In 1991 it was relocated to New Spitalfields Market in Layton, but the original site is still maintained as a market selling everything from fashionable clothing, art and design, to foods and fresh products. This addition to the Top London Street Markets is exciting and riveting because of the variety of it products. You can find delicious food, eye opening art, vintage antiques, and so much more!


Visiting Address: Spitalfields Traders Market, 16 Horner Square, Spitalfields, London E1 6EW

  1. Piccadilly Market

Located at the St James`s district in London`s Westminster borough, this market has about forty five stalls that are opened six days a week. Being a part of the Piccadilly Festival of Arts, this market has a rich history in being a part of the cultural development of London`s arts and crafts scene. Since it was permanently opened in 1984, the Piccadilly Market has been growing and evolving into a wonderful art and culture filled street market. It features a food market, an antiques market, and an arts and crafts market all working on different days.


Visiting Address: 197 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9LL

  1. Inverness Street Market

The small Inverness Street Market is a century old part of the ever-growing Camden Market that has been selling fresh groceries ahead of its time! Although it`s been having its ups and downs, this market is a great addition to many of the stalls situated in the Camden Market. The Inverness Street Market has a vast array of fresh fruit, vegetables, meats and baked goods that are sure to leave you breath-taken and leave your mouth watering for more.


Visiting Address: London Borough of Camden, 5 Pancras Square, Judd Street London WC1H 9JE

  1. Alfies Antique Market

If you are looking for art this is the place to be. Alfies Antique Market is a heaven for art collectors of every origin. You can find something beautiful and interesting in almost every part of this remarkable market. This place is filled with over 70 dealerships that specialize in collectible arts and crafts of different descendants. Browse for well known paintings, or, if you are a fan of rising up-and-comers, you can even find new and exciting artists showcasing their work.


Visiting Address: 13-25 Church St, London NW8 8DT

  1. Brick Lane Market

One of the more famous street markets located in London is the Brick Lane Market. This is a place that I believe anyone could enjoy. No matter what you are looking for you are sure to find it here! A wonderland of antiques, art and accessories, the Brick Lane Market just doesn`t seem to disappoint. Alongside all of the items you may come across there are also stands selling wonderful spices and ready-to-eat delicacies. The Brick Lane Market is a fine addition to the list of London`s Top Street Markets!


Visiting Address: 91 Brick Ln, London E1 6QR

  1. Columbia Road Flower Market

What a sight! This is a place for a happy crowd! The wonderful array of beautiful colors and smells that decorate the streets of Columbia Road make this market a place that is easily enjoyable. If you are a gardener of any sort, I promise you that you will fall in love with this market. It has everything from seeds and gardening equipment to a colorful range of every kind of flower that comes across your mind. If you`re looking for a nice gift to surprise your significant other, browse some of the flower stands that Columbia Road has to offer!

flower market

Visiting Address: Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG