In a person’s life there’s nothing more important than getting a good education that will give people the foundation on which to build their future careers on. The top London universities aren’t just places where students learn theory, they’re places where students grow intellectually and personally. Young people who would like to study in London will find numerous options. London offers a great variety of different universities, some located in the city which offers students a more urban lifestyle, while some are more secluded in the lovely suburban areas. The bottom line is that potential students have remarkable options in London. In a vibrant and varied city such as London nothing else should be expected of the universities that are located here. At the moment there are roughly 100,000 foreign students studying in London alone. Other reasons why London is a good place for students is the transportation system that’s incredible, the lifestyle choices in London are vast, and probably the most important one is the fact that successful international companies all have headquarters in London. And when looking to start a career after finishing university, this can come in handy.

  1. Brunel University

Brunel University10Brunel University is named after a Victorian engineer who is often referred to as one of the most prolific and significant people in the world of engineering, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Brunel University is the ranked as the 331st in the world at this given moment. While it’s mostly known for being a place where the best engineers and designers get their education, their health and social science, law, and business departments are more than capable.

Visiting address: Kingston Ln, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 3PH

  1. City University London

City University London9In 2015 the City University London moved forty places up in the world rankings, and today it sits on the 301st spot. Its name comes from the university’s close ties to the financial district, also known as “The City”, This particular university takes great pride in the fact that they have close relationships with leading international companies. It offers a wide range of courses, and students will most likely find what they’re interested in. At the moment there are about 17,000 students.

Visiting address: St John St, London, EC1V 0HB

  1. Birkbeck College

Birkbeck College8Birkbeck College, University of London has made a giant leap in the world rankings, and now it occupies the 290th place. As things stand at the moment, this is the only London University that allows people to complete full evening courses with all the privileges of daytime studying. The college is situated in the Bloomsbury area, which is very close to some of London’s most iconic attractions. All of the school’s schedules are made in such a way that will allow students to work during the day.

Visiting address: Malet St, London, WC1E 7HX

  1. Royal Holloway

Royal Holloway7Most good London Universities are located inside the city itself, while the Royal Holloway, University of London is about one hour away from the city’s center. It’s situated in a nearby town called Egham. In one year it climbed 41 places on the world rankings of the best Universities, and today it holds the 231st spot. It has students from all over the world, and a very broad range of courses. For students who don’t wish to constantly be exposed to the hustle and bustle of city life, this college might be perfect.

Visiting address: Egham Hill, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX

  1. School of Oriental and African Studies

GraduationAs the name already suggests, the SOAS mostly focuses on courses that have to do with Asian and African cultures, societies, languages, etc. This is the only European institution that specializes in this particular field. About half of the students attending classes come from the UK, while there are students that come from over 130 different countries in the world. It was founded back in 1916, so next year it will be celebrating one hundred years of existence.

Visiting address: London, WC1H 0XG

  1. Queen Mary

Queen Mary5Just like many other Universities in London, Queen Mary offers potential students a wide range of courses, including medicine and dentistry. It has over 20,000 students, with about 10% of them coming from the EU, 30% from outside the European Union. The schools main campus is located in Mile End. It is ranked as the 109th University in the world! Recently this year Queen Mary has made plans to launch a completely free advice scheme for UK start-ups.

Visiting address: Mile End Rd, London, E1 4NS

  1. London School of Economics and Political Science

London School of Economics4LSE is the United Kingdom’s only university that specializes in political sciences. It holds a very impressive spot as the world’s 35th top university in the world! This prestigious university is a world-leading institution that specializes in international relations, law, politics, sociology, etc. On campus there are students from over 100 different countries. It’s located very close to the city center, in the Chancery Lane area.

Visiting address: Houghton St, London, WC2A 2AE

  1. King’s College London

Kings College London3One of the world’s oldest and most prestigious colleges is the King’s College London. It ranks 19th on the list of the world’s best universities. For international students, this is a top notch research-led institution. It mostly gained a reputation for offering amazing courses in the humanities, law, and health sciences. The college has a total of five campuses, with four of them being in close proximity to one another by the Thames.

Visiting address: Strand, London, WC2R 2LS

  1. Imperial College London

Imperial College London2The Imperial College London has fallen in rankings from 2nd to 8th spot, but shouldn’t detract anything from its importance and prestige. It is mostly a science and technology focused institution. It also has somewhat of a prestigious reputation thanks to its business school and medical faculties. The main campus is located in South Kensington, fairly near to the center.

Visiting address: London, SW7 2AZ

  1. University College London

University College London1UCL has taken over the previously mentioned Imperial College London, and it now occupies the 7th spot on the list of the best universities in the world. UCL is mostly popular amongst international business students. They make up about one third of the students here. Unlike Imperial, the UCL covers a much wider spectrum of courses and subjects. As things stand at the moment, UCL is London’s finest and most prestigious college university.

Visiting address: Gower St, London, WC1E 6BT