We’ve already compiled a list of gyms where the ordinary man can work out. But London has some of the fanciest luxury gyms in Europe which is why we also made a list about the top luxury gyms in London too. You might be thinking what’s the difference between a regular gym and a luxurious one. These gyms often offer things that are out of reach for most people such as DNA testing to determine what approach is best to get fit, nutritional advice from work class experts, amazing spa treatments etc. Not everyone can afford these places but if you’re lucky and work hard perhaps one day you can join these luxury London gyms and become a success where it matters the most: in the mind and body. Their facilities, as you’d expect, are all high end with great attention to detail and performance. Whether you are an already successful person who wants to become a member of an exclusive gym or if you’re an ambitious young professional striving for the finer things in life these places might just motivate you in other spheres of life as well. So here is out list of London’s most luxurious gyms.

1. Equinox

EquinoxNo1The Equinox gym was first opened in New York back in 1991 and in 2012 they established their London branch in the stunning and historically significant Deco Derry & Toms building. The people who are members are mostly younger, hip and energetic successful types. One feature that sets them apart are the notoriously successful Metcon3 exercise classes which when paired with their highly scientific methods burn off the calories and fat with ease.

Visiting address: 96 Kensington High St, London, W8 5SA

2. The Berkeley Hotel

The Berkeley HotelNo2One look at this distinguished hotel’s fitness center and it’s clear it won’t be cheap. Putting that aside however the gym offers a more holistic approach to getting in shape mostly thanks to trainer Norbert Konja. Located high in the building the views from the gym are fairly spectacular as well. It boasts a 10 meter rooftop pool, spa treatments and boxing training sessions if you’re interested. Membership fees are just under 3000 pounds a year not counting the joining fee. And personal trainers will cost extra too.

Visiting address: Wilton Place, London, SW1X 7RL

3. Espa Life

Espa LifeNo3The fitness training here is based on something called FMS or otherwise known as functional movement screening. Yes, it all sounds a little bit complicated but in essence it’s the best way to come up with a plan and program in order to make an individual’s weaknesses their strength. The spa treatments, the Chinese medicine, herbalists, the indoor swimming pool are just a few things that make this gym worth a person’s time and money.

Visiting address: 101 Whitehall Place, London, SW1A 2BD

4. KX

KXNo4Many people find the KX fitness club to be the best in London. With its modern design and very peaceful and calming atmosphere it’s no wonder why it’s popular. The restaurant offers only the best and healthiest dishes which will keep you nourished and fit at the same time. The spacious gym, Pilates, yoga, sauna, and other rooms will give you more than enough choices for your activities. The joining fee is £2000 while the annual membership fee is £6000. But it’s well worth it.

Visiting address: 151 Draycott Avenue, London, SW3 3AL

5. The Third Space

The Third SpaceNo5This Soho gym and spa center is probably the most futuristic one in London, as far as design goes. Which is why it attracts a certain type of people that are usually thrill seekers. It spreads across two main levels and it has see-through floors which allows people to see the swimmers below. Membership fees are more reasonable than the previous gym on the list and it’s arguably the best fitness center in Soho.

Visiting address: 37 Brewer St, Soho, London, W1F

6. Bodyism

BodyismNo6Located in the high class and elegant confines of the Bulgari hotel in London, this fact alone should let people know it’s a highly exclusive gym. Big name models such as Lara Stone, Elle Macpherson and others work out there. Their programs specialize in creating lean athletic body types which suit models perfectly. The gym also boasts high-end Technogym equipment. There’s a joining fee of £2000 while membership costs £5000 per year.

Visiting address: 171 Knightsbridge, SW7 1DW

7. Matt Roberts

Matt RobertsNo7Matt Roberts is a world renowned fitness expert and his achievements over the years proves this notion. He has numerous fitness DVDs, nutritional supplement products, and a total of six gyms and training centers to his name. The center offers DNA testing for assessment of all members, osteotherapy, massages and so on. They also have a food delivery service believe it or not.

Visiting address: 16 Berkeley St, London, W1J 8DZ

8. Grace Belgravia

Grace BelgraviaNo8The previously mentioned Matt Roberts trains all the fitness staff in this center. It’s a massive 11,500 square foot fitness center in the historic Belgravia building. The center boasts a private clinic, big gym with the latest gear, spa, restaurant, bar, shop, and everything else a woman needs to feel comfortable. Their philosophy is geared towards women and it seems as though it’s a real success. Just like some other exclusive fitness clubs on the list, this one isn’t cheap either.

Visiting address: 11c West Walkin Street, London, SW1X 8JL

9. Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin OrientalNo9This luxury hotel decided that its fitness facilities should also be as luxurious as possible. Ruber Tabares is a world famous conditioning coach who holds classes here. All the expected features of a gym like this are present: swimming pool, saunas, steam rooms, lifestyle and dietary advisors and the list goes on. The joining fee is a massive £3000 so unfortunately not many will be able to experience the beauty and sheer calorie burning indulgence the Mandarin Oriental offers.

Visiting address: 66 Knightsbridge London, SW1X 7LA